WOTD: Lions in Captivity

We can’t hide it anymore; traditional denominations are in drastic decline. The church has lost much of its power and influence in the culture and in the lives of the “once churched”. Is this God’s fault? Absolutely not! Is it God’s plan? Without a doubt…

The true reason that the church in where it is today is because we gave into the temptation to attract and entertain sinful and rebellious people without sharing the Life-changing Gospel that only comes with full surrender to God’s Truth. Instead, we offered salvation without repentance, double-minded worship, and a version of love that represents the world rather than the Love of God. Instead of being a place of holiness, Life, and peace, we adulterated the Gospel to trick people into staying in our buildings long enough to hope that the Spirit of God would somehow transform their hearts automatically by proximity to the alter.

And like the struggles the Israelites faced in the Old Testament, the merger of sinful and rebellious ways with those that are holy has always shown the same result. Instead of the church having a lifechanging impact on the culture and community, the community and culture has sucked the life (presence of God) out of the church. It reminds me about how effective my boat motor runs when too much water makes it into the gas tank. Worship is not meant for those living in rebellion and who lack the fear of a holy God.

For years, many of us in each of our churches have fought and bled to uphold the values and Truths found in the Word. And now we sit as caged lions who have embraced our captivity in a lifeless ministry. How can we leave the churches we grew up in and the buildings we have built and supported for years? I tell you that thinking is not of God. Wake up oh Christians! Break free of your chains! God has more for you to do than to help fund a ministry that is void of His presence.

You say you are not in chains. If that is the case, answer these questions: Where do you go to church? Is the pastor preaching from the scriptures or is he using the scriptures (like garnish) as an illustration to provide merit to the things he wants to say? Do the songs you sing display the deep theology of God’s holiness, or is it used to get the crowd excited as it focuses solely on grace and love? What is your church’s stance on sexual immorality and does it match the Word of God? Has your church gone woke and has it drastically changed core beliefs you have held for generations? Is it merging New Age Beliefs like frequencies and energies? Most revealing, would your great grandparents recognize and approve of the church you currently attend?

The True Gospel sets people free, yet many of us remain enslaved to those who suppress the truth and are content with the poster of freedom hanging over our prison doors. In Revelation we are warned that our churches would fall to sin. We are warned what would happen if we were not able to remove the false teachers from our ministries. Therefore, if these things have come to pass, why wouldn’t more people heed the call to “flee to the mountains” (Mat. 24:15-18) and come out of this great harlot before the wrath of God is fulfilled within it? (Rev. 18:4-5)

Is my church filled with the presence of God? Has my church changed in a way that it no longer glorifies and brings honor to the Name and holiness of God? These are the questions that each of us must ask and be humble enough to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the answers.

There is a great work taking place in the body of Christ. Sadly, many will not be able to experience it because they hold more loyalty to an organization, a tradition, or a building. I give you permission to walk out of your prisons and come and see what ministry and fellowship can be like when we humble ourselves and turn back to God. See what it feels like to get fed by the Word again as we let the Spirit of God teach us all things through the reading of the scriptures. Come and enjoy the peace found in a fellowship where you don’t have to guard yourself against the world and culture effecting what takes place within our family. Come and serve with joy as the Lord leads you without a staff or board informing you that you can’t use your gifts.

The church is not dying. It is just molting. We are seeing a reformation of people who are done with church governments voting on (and amending) the holiness of God. We are not called to change the Word or justify what God calls sin. We are called to submit and surrender to His Name. And we continue to send this call out to our oppressed brothers and sisters in Christ who feel trapped in fellowships that have experienced a hostile takeover of worldliness in their churches and denominations.

Matthew 24:12 writes, “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of moat will grow cold, but He who stands firm to the end will be saved.” Some of us have been sitting for too long! It is time to stand for the true Christ and His Name once again. Will you stand with those of us who have already left our prisons? Will you help us start new unleavened ministries that truly glorify God and help transform the lost? Stand with us… The Lord is near!