Why Did God Call Me to Leave the Organized Church?

Why did God call me to leave the organized church? Why did He call me to create a new type of tool to “be the Church”? Why am I seeking other pastors and declining churches to leave the emptiness of what they are doing and join in this drastic reform the Spirit is leading? These are the things that are found in this teaching.

The time has come to reform the body of Christ, but it is not for everyone. Barna research just revealed that 1/3rd of the entire American church stopped attending weekly services altogether this past year. Do we really understand the gravity of that fact? America is changing. We are no longer a Christian nation. Those that truly believe in Christ and walk in His holiness are slowly becoming the minority. And as our congregations continue to wither away, the grand buildings and governmental organizations we have constructed for ourselves will begin to entomb those who still serve the Lord. These systems of church government will strip us of all our time and money keeping us from truly serving Christ in order to maintain the façade of our denominational heritage and identity.

What if there is a better way? What if the Spirit of God is leaving what has become compromised and taken over by toleration and acceptance and is leading us to something more authentic and holy? What if God is sending messengers to set His captives free so they can be better stewards of His precious gift? Yet, where will they go when set free? These are the things found in this teaching.

Many have every right to call us the “cult” here in Milaca, and we embrace that title. For there is so much difference between organized Christianity and what the Spirit of God is leading us to do. In short, Jesus is turning the Tables of the business of Church. And those who sit in influence and power in these large church systems may be filled with the same drive as those who crucified Christ as He turns the tables once again.

What happens when you take away the religion, traditions, and the doctrines of men from His fellowship? What happens when you take away the control, power, and money from our denominational systems? What could take place when we serve out of relationship rather than out of compulsion? Those are some of the things we talk about in this teaching.

What kind of fellowship are we starting here in Milaca? Are we a cult or are we uncompromising? Do we serve ourselves or is what we are called to do a selfless act of obedience? How can you know if you do not know our hearts?

Therefore, here is my heart. Here is what I feel God has sent me to do. If you ever want to understand why I do or say certain things, it flows out of the scriptures shown in this teaching.

It is time to stop playing Christian. It is time for reform…