Unpaid Ministry Internship Cohort Forming:

The Fellowship is a ministry (around Milaca) that is trying to reach the next generation. To do this, we have constructed a new (revised) model of how to “be the church” by taking most of the money, organization, politics, tradition, and business aspects out of our weekly worship services. What we have found is that small relational ministries based on relationship are what people are now searching for. People don’t seem to care as much about large entertainment experiences; they are seeking something that is real and authentic. In the next few years, we will be helping people who are called to minister to start their own local and independent fellowships free of charge as many begin to leave denominations that are falling to compromise. In order to accomplish this, we are creating a no-cost internship to mentor and prepare these future pastors.

We are looking for anyone of any age that has felt a call to preach or shepherd the Lord’s flocks. As our ministry is not about converting you to a specific theology, (rather to a new method of creating relational fellowships), we are not calling these apprentices to change their theologies in any way (as long as they submit to the Word of God). If you follow Luther or love the teachings of Wesley, by all means continue in those traditions when you start your independent fellowships, for this is a reformation of structure, not doctrine.

The plan would be to attend our local ministry for around a year. During that time, those in the cohort would be taught how to study the Word, develop teachings, practice ministering in various ways, and would have access to a pastoral mentor to prepare them for ministry. They would also be able to preach in our fellowship on occasion. During this time, they will be continuously preparing and planning to start a local church in the town that they live upon completion, even if it is in our town…

When they complete the internship, it will not only look good on a resume, it will be the only thing we require for those we mentor to start their own “fellowship” ministry. This will give them a pool of pastors for accountability, and a complete model of how to create small relational ministries. To sum up. Instead of going to college for 4 to 6 years (spending countless thousands of dollars) and jumping through all of the red tape only to wash out as most pastors do because of politics, we are going to save you time and money by giving you only what you need, and sending you off with a green light to start local churches in around 12 months at no cost. For we are called to make disciples, not make money off those disciples.

The business of religion is broken. If you have a heart to reach this generation, let us show you how by completing a simple internship where you can develop some deep friendships with other pastors who are done playing Christianity and are ready to love others where they are.

Are you called to ministry? Did the church turn you away or hinder your call? One out of every two pastors will never preach after taking their first church and only around 15% of called ministers are ever given a pulpit. That means there are literally a million servants of God who feel called yet are not pastoring today. Oh, if we could only help a few of those answer their call. What a blessing that would be.

Pay: None (I the pastor am not even paid)

Time Commitment: Attend a weekly service plus 2 hours a week for mentoring, prayer, and meetings.

Heart: If money is your goal, stick to the traditional denominations. If real authentic ministry is where your heart is, God will be your provision.

Interested: Please message me directly.

Please forward this to anyone you know that has been called to ministry yet is not currently serving as a pastor. If you would like to check out how a fellowship church is different, join us for our weekly services on Sunday just South of Bock.