Toleration is Splitting the Church to it’s Core

The growing divide between Truth and toleration is splitting the Church to it’s core. And homosexuality seems to be the primary issue to see what gospel a person lives by. As the days and months go by, sexual immorality is becoming fully accepted by those who claim to believe in Jesus Christ.

And these brothers and sisters are so enveloped in this false gospel (of grace) that they truly believe that pastors are judgmental (and outside of God’s love) because we preach the Truth about sin from the Word of God. Moreover, as time goes by, they are finding more and more false teachers that tickle their ears to justify their sinful desires.

Normally, I am pretty level headed about this divide in Christianity, but today I felt upset as a fellow Christian told me that I was turning people off to God and religion for saying that homosexuality is a sin. As one who has done his best to remove as much religion and tradition from our current ministry that I can, I could not believe that I was being used as the justification for others to feel they are above God and His will.

There are many good reasons to flee religion, but the Word of God is not religion; it is the very nature of God’s holiness in written form. It is who He is. And if we seek communion and fellowship with Him, we must be willing to surrender our wants and desires to take up His. Holiness is not a religion or a tradition; it is Jesus himself.

Persecution is coming for His Church. Not for those that compromise and cling to a false image and name of God; for Satan needs not waste his time on those who choose to remain in rebellion against the Law of God as they misuse grace. Persecution is coming for those who strive for and seek out His holiness.

So which gospel do you serve? Which version of Christianity works for you? One that tolerates and accepts sin and claims that Jesus is our justification so we can live how we want, or one that is willing to fully surrender, repent, and serve a living God that allows scripture and the Spirit to define sin and holiness. I tell you the truth: you can’t serve both.