Thoughts on Theological Reform

Why do our older denominations need reform? It is because we have taken for granted the sacrifices of those who gone before us. Every hundred years or so, God brings a fresh moving to shake off what has ionized around the edges of our swords. When reformation happens, men and women frequently and deliberately clash with each other. They seek Truth as they share what God has revealed to others.

Those things then become more refined by each conversation, correction and rebuke spoken in love. Yet there comes a time, when we feel like our blades have been sharpened enough. Consequently, we then take our blades and begin to place them in beautiful display boxes. Oh, what a move of the Spirit there was during the Great Schism when one Church became two. How humbling it would have been to see the reshaping of the Church in the days of Luther or be able to sit as a spectator and hear Calvin or Wesley preach.

God has continued to reveal himself throughout the body of Christ. Therefore, the Church has seasons of furious swashbuckling and seasons of rest as we adore the splendor of our shiny blades. Why is reformation needed again? The edges of our blades have ionized into doctrines that have no life in them. We are entering a time when people who were born Christian are leaving the faith. Why are they leaving? They seek the power and warmth of the Sprint of God in their hearts and are only fed the traditions of men. And when these younger ones in the faith need us to clash our swords with them to sharpen their new blades, we respond by pointing to our perfect sword in it’s display case.

God is calling us to truly humble ourselves and see the rust of the flesh that has been able to adhere to our blades. Sadly, we are all filled with prideful and stubborn intentions. Many of us will never choose to clash swords again for damaging what we feel is the perfect edge. For one can not truly wield the Sword of Truth without being vulnerable and willing to lose part of their own blade as it clashes with another.

We are surrounded by generations that have their blades held high and are ready and willing to engage in the sharpening process with others seekers of God. We can no longer just point to the display box showing off our rusty swords. What this generation needs is a group of seasoned Saints that would be willing to take the wisdom of what the Lord has revealed to them in the past and share it vulnerably with others by lovingly clashing swords.

Do we not realize that Satan has no problem clashing his wooden sword with those we love? Is that not why we see so much of the other aspects of faith creeping into the perspectives of this generation? I am looking for those who are willing to once again destroy the display box that holds their sword and take hold of it once again. I would love to see a fresh moving of the Spirit in our denominations, yet as history repeats itself, it most likely will not happen.

Therefore, the time has come once again for bold men like Luther and Wesley to step out on faith and let the power of God guide their steps in the Spirit. The Word of God will never change, but our perspective in understanding His holiness will continue to grow until He returns. Remember, you can never truly sharpen the sword of another by clashing it against a wooden display box. I say these things in love. Holiness unto the Lord…