Thoughts on Numerical Growth

Word of the Day – We are living in a dangerous time in Christianity where we are so focused on numerical growth that we are losing our gospel. Jesus made it clear that we are to calculate the cost of being a disciple of Christ for it will cost us everything. None of us are above this truth. Just moments after one of the main highlights in the gospels, (where Peter first declared and accepted that Jesus was the messiah), Peter is sternly rebuked as his motives did not match those of Jesus. In humility, we need to remember that if Jesus can call out Satan (in Peter) so quickly after such a great testimony, none of us are above being used by Satan in the Church.

When we strive to take on worldly business models and leadership principles in the Church, we may feel like we are doing the Lord a favor. Yet in reality, we have let ourselves become the tools of Satan. How can we tell if our churches are effective in ministry? It’s not by the number of seats we fill or how much money we raise, it about the hearts of those in the seats. For if our fellowships are filled with people who are fully surrendered to Christ and denying themselves daily to follow Him, God will do miraculous things that will manifest His good fruit through faith. The fruit of the world is rancid to the Father. He seeks the fragrance of righteousness.

Reform is needed in the church. He is calling us to once again separate evangelism from fellowship. How can we truly worship God with those who are unclean? The only result of such things is worship without power. Revival will come not when we innovate the church; it will come when we purify our fellowships.

Worship is meant to be a time where we are standing on Holy ground, yet we have allowed the dogs to vomit all over the sanctuary. If someone truly wants to worship in truth, they will be more than willing to take of their shoes and carry their cross. If someone is honestly seeking after Christ, they will deny themselves to follow Him. The seeker sensitive movement has destroyed our evangelical churches.

The time has come to separate evangelism from fellowship once again. For what fellowship can light have with darkness? A major divorce is coming in the church, for many are seeking after a different bridegroom. This problem will not go away and has been foretold in scripture. The question is, which bridegroom will we continue to serve. Holiness unto the Lord…