Those Who Are Called to Flee…

Many people have been called to flee from the religious traditions and doctrines of men in our denominations. For years we have lamented for what has been allowed to take place within the holy gatherings of our fellowships. How long will a Holy God allow people to adulterate His Gospel and knowingly mislead the Bride of Christ in to selfishness and immorality?

One day the great harlot (the religion of Christianity) will fall. Today we are getting a taste of what that would be like as the world has temporally closed the physical doors to the international church. The prophecies of the Lord will come to pass, yet there is always room for God’s grace. For even in the midst of judgement, God provides reprieve. Will the world’s denominational leaders repent and seek Christ and His righteousness? Will they put off the things of this world that they have allowed to adulterate the image of God’s holiness?

It is in these times where God provides opportunities for reflection and repentance. Will our denominations seek the Lord afresh, or will it just be business as usual in a few months time. One of the saddest things to read about in Revelation is how Jesus continually provided opportunities for repentance, yet the people continued in their rebellion until the end.

It is times like this where God is trying to shake a sleeping Church to try and wake us up for what is to come. The homosexual pastor, the seeker friendly church, the self-help sermons and songs, and the merging of mysticism in our worship… These are just some of the things that require repentance in our denominations. Yet history reveals that it is almost impossible for these things to take place.

That is why God uses things like reform. You see, many of us can see that change needs to take place in the Church. Yet since it is so hard and almost impossible to reform a church from within it, God allows groups of people to bring reform and renewal from outside those denominational walls. Neodenominationalism is just one of the many ways that pastors and fellow Christians are being empowered to repent and begin to serve Christ in His holiness once again.

I love Martin Luther and I love John Wesley. What do you think these great men of faith would say if they knew that some of the Churches that hold to their teachings have begun to ordain practicing homosexuals? Can we not see how far the Church has fallen? Do we not believe that God will judge those churches? That is why God provides warning in Revelation and in other places saying, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Rev. 18:4

I tell you the Truth. If we have one shot at eternity, why would we risk the lives of our families by remaining in denominations that have so boldly sinned against the Lord? For those specific denominations, the time has come for God’s faithful to flee to the mountains and leave those churches. Just as Moses asked God’s people to choose a side before God’s wrath came upon His own people, God is providing a time of grace for those to choose Christ’s holiness over denominational heritage.

The time has come for a great reform. And there is no better time for you and your family to talk about it as God has orchestrated a halt on our normal Christian routines. Religion will always have you believe that you must remain in its control, but in Christ we need no denomination or mediation. If Christ is in us and teaches us all things by means of the Holy Spirit, then why do we need a piece of paper saying that we are Methodist or Lutheran?

The time has come to shift from large denominations to small local independent fellowships that function under the provisions and leadership of Christ. And for those who are ready to start a new independent fellowship, Neodenominationalism is a tool that will be here to help you get one started at no cost.

May God be with us as we endure this current trial, and may we all grow closer to Christ while in the midst of it… Peace be with you.