The Middle of the Road

My deepest desire and yearning from the very depths of my soul, is to seek Christ and His holiness that’s been given to make us whole. I’m well along in my journey so I’ve stopped to take a rest, on this narrow road to Zion called the Highway of Holiness. To my left and right are ditches that hold tightly to doctrines of old, and that is when I realize I stand in the middle of the road.

What a vast expanse of division in the body of the Bride, as I stand here now between them being forced to choose a side. To which side should I turn to as I serve within my call, for both sides teach of holiness and a sanctification for all.

The one side shows its power being baptized by the Spirit, speaking the beautiful language of tongues, if you listen you can hear it. The other ditch edifies logic where you rarely hear an Amen, its the second work of grace that they love to preach instead.

Like broken feuding families that have dug their heels so deep, broken souls now lie between them bearing the fruit of what they reap. Will I grieve the Holy Spirit if I serve on either side, what right do I have to stand here, outside of rebellious pride?

For long upon my journey have I walked the road unaided, should I not let down my guarded heart and finally be persuaded? For fellowship is what I want with those who seek His nature, for Holiness unto the Lord is the only way to find his favor.

As I turn toward the ditch I once heeded I hear a faint cheer, yet something inside me cries, “Was that last step taken in fear?” “For I alone have cleansed you and set you on this way, so walk on the path before you till that grand and glorious day. And if they see you walking with some others who are so bold, maybe countless more will join you as you walk the middle of the road.”