The Fork in the Road of Christianity is Here

The fork in the road of Christianity is here. Choose your side because you can’t walk both paths. Either sexual immorality is a sin defined by God himself and is outside of His holiness, or the idea of Gods grand love and mercy makes everything permissible for those who believe in Christ.

They both are both backed by scripture and both sound good don’t they; however they serve two totally different Gods. One says obey, submit, and serve others, the other is the come as you are, keep sinning, God’s got this.

For many years, these two Gospels have been able to remain in the same churches in relative peace, but God is drawing a line in the sand. There is no darkness in Light. Either we accept the nature of God’s holiness as is and strive to remain in Him, or we create our own God using only the scriptures that help us create the God who justifies the sinful desires of our hearts.

LGBTQ Christian artists are not going away. Maybe we need to surrender the name Christian, for it truly has lost its meaning in a sinful culture. I tell you the Truth. A day is coming when an LGBTQ artist will have a top worship song with perfect and simple theology. What will your church do when that happens?