The Dying Faith of Our Grandparents

Some people wonder why we are trying to reform the Church and develop a new tool for local fellowships to function with no assets or membership. It is hard to see the big picture sometimes, yet in seasons of great distress, (like we see today), we get to see a glimpse of what the future may hold. In truth, America is very rapidly changing the core of what it believes in regards to faith.

The faith of our grandparents and our grandchildren for the first time no longer seems to match. Something has taken place. Not matter if we like it or not, we are shifting into a post Christian culture. And like the horse and buggy companies of the past, those churches and denominations that fail to accept these changes will ultimately die out as their ageing communities fail to reach the next generation.

When you add up the facts. The reality is that the Christian Church needs to shift out of large buildings and into smaller fellowships. As less people tithe and more people walk away from the traditional church model, the reality must be that local fellowships need to seriously make one huge decision. Will we keep our buildings?

Can you imagine the freedom a group of elder saints would have if they could have the faith to be the church instead of being forced to spend their last years investing in a building with no future? How many pastors could actually receive some needed funding if these great churches let go of the past to support the needs of the present?

In truth, the faith of our grandparents needs to transform the worldliness of our grandchildren. They are not coming back to our traditional churches. So why keep them running? Rather, lets take the last few years that this great generation has and send them out to mentor and be a Light to the next generation.