The Church: From Movement to Institution

Christianity started as a movement. It became a philosophy in Greece. It became an institution in Italy. It became a culture in Europe. It became a business in America. The next reformation is here. It empowers followers of Christ to become disciples, to serve in their Spiritual gifts, and to worship in fellowship without the heavy yoke of institutionalized religion. The Lord has done and is still doing many wonderful things within many denominations and local churches; however, we must remain open to the Spirit’s moving. The truth is, many of the buildings where our parents met with God and were filled with the Spirit’s warmth have become cold. The Spirit of God is moving away from our self-indulgent/consumer-minded/seeker-friendly worship services. God is leaving the arks we have built to worship him and He is filling the humble and the broken in the streets. If the Spirit of God is revealing these same things to you and you are willing to step out on faith to learn more about this new reformation taking place in the body of Christ, I would love to talk more in person. Christianity is not about spending your life watching the gospel being presented on Sunday mornings each week. It is about becoming the gospel and bringing it to those who need to see it. It is not about what your denomination has decided to belive, rather it is your belief seen through your actions.