The Chicken Farm

There was a boy who lived on a chicken farm. His parents worked and lived off the chickens on the farm. They had eggs for breakfast, egg salad sandwiches for lunch, and fried chicken for dinner. Every day, every meal had chicken and more chicken. Overtime the son began to feel that the chicken was not meeting his full dietary needs and started to complain to his parents about his supposed declining health.

In response, his mother went out of her way to find creative ways to serve the chicken. They had teriyaki chicken, chicken pot pie, chicken noodle soup, chicken enchiladas and deviled eggs. Sadly, the boy’s distain for the bird grew and turned into bitterness. The day the son turned 18, he left the farm and swore that he would never eat chicken again. The son enjoyed his new dietary freedom. He ate plenty of fruits and vegetables along with a variety of nuts and berries. However, the thing that he loved the most was his discovery of beef. Steak, hamburger, and ribs quickly became a staple of his diet. And every day, he would find creative ways to enjoy the red meat.

Red meat had become way better than chicken. In fact, to him chicken had become detrimental to a person’s health.One day he was shopping in the meat isle of the grocery store and saw a lady pick up some chicken. With all conviction, he spent an hour trying to convince her that she was in danger because the chicken was poisonous. After that, he decided to spread awareness about chicken to everyone he met in the store. He wanted each shopper to know about how beef was superior to chicken and that chicken was poisonous.

The years went by. Overtime he saved enough money to buy his own grocery store. And as you guessed it, there was not an ounce of poultry in the entire place. Every once in a while a customer would work up the courage to ask, “Why is there no chicken?” The response was always quick and direct. “You will die if you eat chicken! Have you seen our quality selection of beef?”