So You Can’t Find a Good Church…

So you can’t find a good church… You are not alone. There are still some great churches in our area. However, be it by spiritual compromise, the propagation of philosophy and psychology from our pulpits, the lack of true relationship to the pastor, giving into the cultural norms of the world, taking on the business mentality of professionalism, or just providing entertainment rather than the Truth that sets us free; it is getting harder and harder to find a safe place to worship the Lord.

How has it gotten this bad? In truth, we have reached this point because we covet and desire the best. We are consumers and as such we want to find the church that has the best preaching, a stellar children’s program, a powerful worship experience, and of course the most lavish furnishings possible. In doing so, we have created a monster that is destroying the bedrock of Christian faith in America. Like Walmart, our smaller local places of worship are being depleted by the enticement of the mega/seeker sensitive churches. In today’s spiritual landscape, it is truly: Go big or Go home.

But there is good news. God knew we were going to fall for the temptation to create ministries centered on people’s wants and desires rather than a Holy God, so the Spirit is now moving to bring renewal and reform to the body of Christ. The bright lights and the fog machines have failed to bring us true joy. Sure, we feel great when we stand with hundreds of people as we sing emotional power ballads of the faith, yet by Tuesday we feel empty and depressed once again. Why is this?

The truth is that Jesus has always focused on relationship and intimacy. Yes, sometimes he preached to the multitudes, yet in reality, he was always teaching 12 men. Success to the world is all about large numbers, high quality, and performance. Jesus was all about intimacy, unity, holiness, and peace. A major church reform is taking place. It is where we honestly reflect on our faith to see that even in all of the busyness and the hype of our Christian walk, many of us are not really being fed. We are supposed to have joy, but for some reason we don’t. If we are truly honest, many of us rarely if ever truly see or feel the presence of God in our lives, and our faith is focused more on hanging with good people rather than interacting with a living God.

If you have left the church, I want to invite you to try a new fellowship that is part of this growing reform. It is a fellowship that is based on relationship and mentorship. We strive to be real. No flashing lights, no constant drive to raise money, a pastor that will strive to build a strong relationship with your family, no pressure to become a member or join some kind of denomination, and a place where Truth is brought out from the Word. No philosophy, no psychology, no soapbox, just a fresh living Word from the Lord. We are seeking to build a fellowship with no assets, no membership, and no bylaws… We are stripping as much of religion and tradition we can while holding true to the fullness of God’s Word. Would you give us a try?

This Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. is our 3rd of 5 Bible studies for people who are seeking to learn more about how this ministry will function. This week’s lesson will focus on the scriptures that show why we don’t need a membership in our fellowship as all who are in Christ are already part of one body. We will also take the time to answer any questions you may have. We will be meeting every Wednesday at the Borgholm Townhall. The address is 16041 70th Ave, Milaca, MN 56353. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

This ministry is for people who have left the religion of Church, yet seek fellowship with other who love Jesus Christ. Blessings…