So Many People are in Despair

So many people are in despair. The burdens of this world tearing their lives apart. With no hope and no peace, they seem alone with no power to look forward to the future. In desperation, they seek the answer to finding joy amongst their suffering.

And they have tried many things. Going to church didn’t work. Psychology didn’t help. Dabbling in other mystical religions was interesting but still void of real power and transformation. Alcohol, food, and social media has failed to relieve the torment of what they daily bear. In utter brokenness, families are destroyed, marriages vows broken, children grow up in anguish as they become a prize fought over by feuding parents. I see your pain. I feel the prison that surrounds you in darkness.

The answer to peace and joy is still the same. The issue is, not many are willing to put the effort into the solution. But what would you give if you could see yourself 6 months form now as one who has hope and has received real peace? What would you sacrifice to be truly happy and content with your life?

The answer is and always will be a relationship with Jesus. Now wait! I know I just lost your interest. For you have already done the church thing and have not found that peace. You may have even had a terrible experience that has driven you away from all churches. Hear me out…

Jesus is not a religious organization. Jesus is not just a person you learned about in Sunday School. Many who have left the church have done so because they learned about Jesus without ever being able to experience His true presence. And His presence is not found in buildings that are manufactured to feel special or holy; He is not found in everyone who claims the title of Christian.

Therefore, I have a challenge for you. If you are living in despair and you are to the point where you are desperate enough to do whatever it takes to find peace and joy; I am here. If you are ready to listen and hear about the true Jesus that is not a religious figure, rather a real indwelling presence; I am willing to share Him with you.

But it will cost you greatly. For the free gift of God comes at a great price. It takes the surrender of your will. It takes giving up your desires to take on His desires. It takes replacing the selfish things we want to do to take on the unselfish things He calls us to do for others. The real Jesus costs everything. And that is why you could not find His peace in many of our churches today.

I do not want your money. I don’t seek to make you a member of some organization. I am here to help people find the True Christ. I have found Him, and I am already helping others to do the same here in Milaca.

Here is my challenge to you. Give me 6 full months of your life. Attend our fellowship meetings, interact with those who are seeking the same hope you are seeking, and be willing to allow those who have peace and joy to influence your lifestyle and faith so that you can share in His presence with us.

When you woke up this morning, how did you feel? Did you embrace the morning with hope and joy or did the worries and realities of this life place it’s heavy burden on your shoulders? I am not going to chase you down. I seek to help those who are truly ready and willing to find peace no matter the obstacle.

Jesus is the answer, and He is worth the time and sacrifice to embrace His peace. When you are ready; I am here.