Quick Update: I was on my way to our family’s workout this evening and I noticed I had a smile on my face. Here in the dead of a Minnesota Winter, I am content and filled with joy; even with a vitamin D deficiency. Severely limiting our tech has a part in that; however, I am enjoying a season of being filled with the Spirit of God. Yet, He has not been hanging around to just shoot the breeze. I truly believe He has been working through me to write a book that could radically change the way we look at Church fellowships and help to further refine our ecclesiology.

After just two weeks, the entire 200 page book (54 single space pages) is ready to enter the next phase of preparation. I need volunteers to read and provide feedback as well as educated editors to proofread the work. This is not a book on doctrine. It is about bringing a reform to the structure of our churches and is for those who have left the established church.

Like the House church or Emergent Church movement, the concepts in this book may help to provide a possible solution as to how we can reach those families and children who have walked out of the traditional church. These concepts may be drastic for those unwilling to see the value for some pastors to function outside of denominational control. However, if you are open to a different framework on how we can view local independent fellowships (based in relationship rather then compulsion), any of us could take something valuable away from reading this very rough draft.

Therefore, if you would like to anonymously participate in this effort, please e-mail me at I will respond to each request and possibly share with you what I can only say is nothing I could have produced on my own.

If you would like to be considered, please respond with why you would like to receive this draft so I can better decide who should read it before it is published. Not everyone will get to participate; however, I desperately seek some well rounded theologians as well as independent pastors to test this work. Not against the established church’s framework, but against the concepts and scriptures that are presented.

May God bless all of you.