Preparing for the New Ministry

Feb. 12th at 6:30 p.m. will be our first public Bible study at Borgholm town hall in Bock, MN. The studies will also share about a reformed model of ministry we will be starting in March. This is important as we will be attempting to start a new fellowship that functions outside of the religious institutional model. We will have no assets, no membership, and no bylaws. The glue that binds our fellowship together will be relationships rather than obligation.

“What you win them with, you got to keep them with.” ~ Todd Friel – As Christina and I start a new church fellowship, we need to answer a very important question for those who may be looking to attend. How are we going to attract people to come to this fellowship (church)? Even though I am a pretty fun pastor, our plan is to attract people with the Light of Christ in us. That means, our family is going to do our best to follow the way of Christ and His holiness. And as we aggressively love others, we will shepherd any the Lord leads our way. We will function like kind and loving spiritual parents, and we will be content if there are 4 families or 60 people.

My job is to come along side fellow Christians and help them to better seek after Christ. I do not judge anyone, yet I preach the full Truth of God’s Word. Why don’t I judge those struggling with various sins? How can I judge or look down at other people when I have failed so miserably in my own spiritual walk? Therefore, let us strive to overcome sin together, and comfort each other whenever we fall short. We will love whoever decides to come and be fed by the living Word. It may hurt. Some days It may feel like lemon juice on a paper cut. Yet just like peroxide on a wound, that life-giving Word will work to cleanse our consequences from sin and death and transform our brokenness into His holiness.

Many of us have been lied to. The new gospel being preached is that God wants to save you in your sin. The Truth is God wants to save you from your sins in this life today. If you are looking for a loving pastor who will strive to build a strong relationship with your family and truly love you enough to sit with you where you are at yet cheer you on to grow in your faith… If you are looking for a pulpit that will preach and teach the Truth no matter how different it may look to our culture… If you want to attend a church that is doing its best to strip away the religious and institutional things that have driven so many people away form the faith… Then I hope you stop on by and join us during our month long Bible study before we start our services in March.

We may not be for you and that is OK. Yet in the same way, God may be pulling on your heart to open yourself up to a loving fellowship once again. Like a dentist opening a new office, I am a pastor with no sheep. I have a lot of love to give. Would you be willing to come and test our love? May the peace of God be with you.