Praying For Reformation

For 7 years, I have been praying for reformation and seeking the Lord’s will on how the Church can move forward during these changing times. I believe that God has been answering those prayers. The pieces are being put into place and the time is coming where a new tool for supporting our fellowships will be ready to be tested. It is a model that is simple and duplicatable, and the best part is that it works well in during times of persecution.

The tool is in the final stages of development. I can’t wait to share more as we go. Christina and I will begin to use this tool or template for ministry in the very near future. It will not be for everybody because all of the bells and whistles of the traditional church model have been removed. (No building ownership, no church government) Just Christ as King, and servants striving to do his will. I can say this. Pastors will still be able to receive income so they can shepherd. The sizes of the fellowships will birth churches as they approach 100 in attendance. And peoples needs will be filled directly and weekly during the service. Creative spaces like townhalls, homes, and public spaces will replace asset ownership. The pastor will know and love everyone he teaches. Furthermore, Christians called into elder service will begin an apprenticeship under the pastor. The Word of God will be our Manual.

For many of you in the established church, this will raise all sorts of alarms and you will want to fight and put this type of ministry tool down. Just remember, God is moving. The Truth is that the established church has taken some false steps that have driven many from the Church completely. Think of this new tool as a bridge to bring them back into fellowship with other people who love God. If you know me at all, you will know that in any fellowship I serve in, the holiness of Christ will be central in its teachings. Let us see what God will do in a church that must operate in faith as they love each other not because a doctrine tells them to, but because it is the beating of their hearts. A church that you have to take ownership in because the people and the filling of their needs are the only assets to fight over.

Only time will tell how this new tool will fair. I look forward to beginning this journey into the unknown. I will always be open to questions. And if there are any pastors who want to test this tool where you live, I would love to chat with you. I would say the hardest part for any pastor in a denomination to using this tool would be having the faith to walk away from all of the benefits we receive in our traditional denominations. For there are no pensions, no healthcare, no secondary educational requirements, and no ladder to climb. Furthermore, there will be a microscope on any hypocrisy seen in its pastors. And every sermon will be held to the accountability of all who hear it. If pastors begin to preach another gospel and fail to repent, the people will be free to walk away. This type of model has worked in the past. I believe it will have a place in our future as we wait on the Lord’s return.