Plans to Start Our Church Plant

Nine days without social media has been tough. Only 20 more days to go. I chose to break suit here because I wanted to share some important information.

The plans are all in place for us to start a local non-traditional church fellowship in Bock, MN at the Borgholm town-hall. All services will eventually be held on Wednesday evenings. Before our official first practice service on Mar. 18th, (with the first public service the Wednesday before Easter), we will be hosting a 5 week Bible study (on location) to begin gathering those who may be interested in attending. Please keep us in your prayers as we step out on faith to serve the Lord.

I am also hosting a men’s board game event at my home on Sunday the 26th. I say that here because I will not be on social media to promote it. I have 2 guys coming so far, so we could really use some more. Come anytime between 2 and 8 p.m. I will answer my texts and messages on messenger, so please let me know if you are interested.

As for our time without tech, we have had some rough patches. Yet we have found it to be very freeing emotionally. I personally have had a much clearer mind and have used that clarity to start writing a book about the new type of fellowship we will be starting. In the past 9 days I already have written over 16,000 words. I have never written a book before, but this feels more like God is writing it for me.

The book will be called something like, “Neodenominationalism: A Reformed Tool for Being the Church”. It is meant to be an “all in one” resource for organizing and starting non-traditional ministries with many topics covering structure, accountability, mentorship and how to function with no physical assets or membership. It will strive to help empower the thousands of pastors and leaders who have left or are being called out of the established church and are desperately waiting on some type of direction as to where God may be leading them as they wait in the wilderness.

My favorite phrase to use in the book so far is “we are not alone.” There are many of us who have seen the brokenness that is taking place in our traditional denominations. And even though there are still many great things taking place in the established church, many of us have found ourselves called out of it for various reasons. And no matter how much we would love to go back, God seems to have placed us where we are for a reason. I tell you the truth. The way God is going to bring reform to our broken denominational tools are not by those found in the center of them. Rather, God is going to use those on the fringes who have shown that they are willing to surrender everything (even tradition) to see God truly move within His Bride once again.

Many former “churchgoers” are in desperate hunger for the living water to once again flow unrestricted from the source of Love. And in this time of great moral decline, we need a way to truly give back the authority of our shepherds (and messengers of God) to preach an unadulterated Word. For the things being accepted and decided in our churches by majority vote should cause great mourning to those indwelt by the Spirit of God’s holiness.

Therefore, pray for me as I do my best to allow Christ to type through my hands. Reformation is coming for those who are willing to choose Christ over everything else, including our doctrines and traditions. Holiness Unto the Lord…