Our Worship Service Structure

Getting excited about tomorrow: Can you believe it is already time for our first Sunday morning worship service? I have learned that expectations are huge when attending something for the first time. Therefore, I wanted to quickly help our guests know what to expect when they arrive.

1. Services are longer than one hour – Our fellowship likes to spend time talking and worshipping together. And it takes time to properly share the Word of God that has been given so everyone can leave spiritually full. The goal is to have people arrive at 9:30 so they can chat with others and be ready to start the service promptly at 10:00 a.m. We may not always use all of the time, but just plan on a service that is done by noon.

2. Highly Interactive Fellowship – We will be praying and fellowshipping in small groups during the service. This may feel very different to begin with, but it is vital that we can all take the time to hear about people’s lives, get to know each other, and pray. No one will be forced to participate, but just know that there will be about 10 minutes where people are ministering to each other directly.

3. Highly Interactive Teaching – In the same way, the goal of sharing the Word of God is not to have a polished and beautiful oration. It is to make sure that everyone in the room gets the message. Therefore, sometime there is a sermon, and other times it will feel more like a classroom where people are asking questions and having back and forth. We love questions in this fellowship. Bring your Bible and something to take notes with…

4. Giving – Our giving system is not set up yet. In the future, we want to be able to fill direct needs from the offering. Our expenses are minimal and only about $75 a week could cover most of the ministry expenses. Therefore, do not worry about giving unless God has placed that on your heart to do so. Instead, find someone in need and fill it with the love of Christ.

5. Fellowship Continues – Worship of God does not stop at the end of the service. We are a family, and we are to make effort to strengthen those relationships during the week. Be ready to be invited or to invite others to your home.

6. No Strings – There is no way to join this church outside of our relationships. Therefore, you never have to worry about feeling trapped into a ministry. Come and go as you please. Go to other churches when you need. For those who want to receive updates and important changes for weather, there will be a form to fill out that is just for pastor Luke for basic contact information.

This ministry is a prototype ministry. Mentally prepare that things will change for awhile as we figure out how this new tool of ministry will best function. And get excited. There is only one fellowship, but you can still make the people that gather with us your church home. A home with an open door. We hope to see you there. Blessings.

P.S. Our zoom information is below and will be up by 9:30.