Our 4th of 5 Bible Studies

Ministry Update: God continues to provide. Last night we had our 4th of 5 Bible studies to allow people to learn about what we are doing. Every week we have had new people showing up to check things out. Last night’s meeting was special for me as I saw something that gives me great joy. For as I looked around at the end of our meeting, I could see something special in the eyes of those who attended. It is hard to explain, but there is a look that people have when they have learned something more about God.

It is a look that says, I have been fed today… There is nothing that brings me more joy in teaching than helping people grow in their faith and relationship to God. People left last night full and content. There was no dancing, no music, no special lighting, no great oration or sermon, yet as we dove into the Word and allowed people to ask questions, we let God show up and He led us in gaining a deeper understanding of His living Word. By the end of our meeting, you could really begin to feel the presence of God. Not an emotionally supercharged spiritual high, rather you could feel the warmth of His Spirit in the stillness of the moment as He truly was working on our hearts. We left challenged and we left with greater understanding.

I still find it amazing that we can sit in a room containing Catholics, Lutherans, Nazarenes, and other Protestant churches, and we can look at the Word together in unity and sharpen each other’s swords. When we truly let God be the mediator of His Word, it matters not what doctrines or traditions we hold to. I tell you the Truth, God truly desires to have us grow in our understanding of his holiness; however, He can’t fill a cup that is already full. Last night we were not individuals from different denominations, we worshiped God as a unified fellowship.

I continue to be amazed at the blessings God is providing as we allow God to be our provision and wait on His blessing. We are meeting in a great building, we have everything we need without forcing a tithe on those who come to be fed, and just this week, around 60 hymnals have shown up at our home that will be used as we develop a blended worship service that is theologically deep and leads us into worshiping a living God. God has provided all we need to start this ministry even down to the chairs, the simple sound system, any instrument we many need if we decide to develop a praise team ministry, and plenty of Bibles for people to read. God is a Good God, and nothing can stop His plans.

We have one bible study left before we shift into more of a worship service. We pray that God is still working on the hearts of those who have left the church. May God give them the courage to give us a try. We are doing our best to burn the chaff of religion and tradition while holding to scripture alone as the thing that provides our identity in the Body of Christ. We are Christian and nothing more. We are a humble fellowship that is trying to create a safe place to learn about God. Will you join us?