New Youth Group Forming

I wanted to get this out. Next Wednesday (Jan. 27), anyone who is interested in the development of a new youth/children ministry should plan on attending a meeting at the Borgholm Townhall in Bock. I will be there at 6. We will start our meeting with any parents and leaders at 6:30.

This meeting will also be a time for our fellowship (and youth) to have some fun and play some board games. Since we have no membership in our fellowship, any of the youth in our community are welcome to embrace this new ministry even if they never plan on attending our worship services on Sunday.

If you are a parent that has been hurt by the church or no longer attends any local church, this may be a good option for your children to develop some positive friendships as well as become introduced to the basics of the Christian faith. You can make sure that our ministry will be a positive and safe environment for all who seek to know more about our Holy God.

We will have fun in this group, but the primary purpose will always be the study of the Word of God and in developing the theology and faith of our youth.

Please forward this to any local family that may be looking for a way to help their children grow in the Lord. Thanks