New Local Ministry

Every day I run into local people who no longer go to Church yet love Jesus. Some of them have been in the spiritual wilderness for years and their faith is slowly fading. And if they were honest, many now feel a deep longing for fellowship. I have a heart for these brothers and sisters in Christ.

If you are one of the many who have left for various reasons, know that many of you may be justified in your choice to leave a toxic and many times hypocritical local church. But please hear me. Your family needs to at some point get back into a local fellowship of believers. Many of you understand this but are hesitant to seek out a church and get hurt again.

With that said, I am starting a fellowship in Bock, MN that will be for those who have left the Church. I am doing my best to strip away all of the unneeded structure, doctrines and costs related to traditional ministry. If you would be willing, would you give this new type of ministry a try? There is no membership, no money to raise for stuff that isn’t needed. No strict demands to force lifestyle change.

My job as a pastor is to lovingly teach scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to transform the heart. I will never judge you as a person, yet at the same time I will boldly reveal the Truth given to us in the Word of God. As we prepare to start this fellowship in the Borgholm townhall in March, would you ask the Lord if He is leading you to open up your heart and be vulnerable once again. Many people in the community know me. I will always tell you what I believe is Truth, but I will never make anyone change or feel that they are less of a person if they are not walking in that Truth.

We will be starting this Church from scratch. No money needed. No fancy lights or programs. Just people who really want to grow in their relationship with Christ and love people in their community. Let us help your time in the wilderness come to an end. Come and be fed by Truth. Come and make friends with others who love the Lord. Instead of going to church, lets learn how to be the Church. I hope you will join us.