Neodenominationalism Defined

“In its most simplistic explanation, #Neodenominationalism attempts to create likeminded fellowships by relationship rather than through obligation. By faith, it seeks to allow Christ to step in and be the true acting King of each local church by no longer having membership rolls, board members, or really any shared assets that a traditional ministry would seek to gather, maintain and control. In reality it takes away everything that people would tend to fight over in ministry while providing the commissioned (or sent) minister the authority he or she needs to truly be a good shepherd of God’s people. The engine that drives this tool will be mentorship as each position of leadership will seek to develop others to replace or replicate their ministry gifts. It is a model that functions best by allowing the church to split naturally and purposefully as it is a ministry that is driven to continuously make disciples and sends them out to serve.” ~ Luke Oakes