My Anger Toward False Prophets

I am angry. I am filled with utter rage. And it is not because we have a new president. I am angry at the thousands of pastors and false prophets that swore up and down that God told them that Trump was going to magically be restored to power.

I am distraught that over the past 6 months, we have seen prophecy after prophecy given and not come to pass. And as good false prophets always do, they were able to defend and justify their errors by pushing back farther and farther the timetable only to now finally face the inevitability that they have been caught boldly speaking out of their own majesty and power rather than God’s.

Now America has so visibly seen these pretenders who lied; not only to those they teach, but to the very Holy One they claim to serve. Without remorse, these wealthy pastors and so-called prophets took a huge gamble and “bet it all” to hopefully guess correctly and be considered as one filled with power. I tell you the truth, they have committed a tremendous sin against the Name of a holy God, and they will be held accountable for every soul that falls away on account of their trespass, for they placed their own power and influence above the salvation of others.

Mistakes like this are covered up quickly. Apologies are made, future dates are given, and justifications for their actions will fill our ears for the next few weeks. The saddest part about this whole thing is that the people of God will accept the apologies of these wicked men and continue to support them in ministry. Moreover, those that remain in their ministry will seek out and believe the very next prophecies these false teachers come up with. How can you argue with “Thus Sayith the Lord”? I tell you the truth, the damage done by these men will expediate the fall of the Church as the false spirit they wield is brought into the light and exposed. The bold arrogance of these Christian leaders will become the very tools Satan will use to discredit the existence of our God and place conservative Christianity further into the crosshairs of this new administration.

The real question is: For those who attend these churches or follow these false teachers online, will you have enough faith to walk out of these ministries, for they will become the target of God’s wrath when He comes to judge the Church? Where does your allegiance lie; in a ministry/personality or in our Holy God?

The true body of Christ needs to do a gut check. If our ministries are unwilling to purge the leaven out of the bread, we have to have the faith to seek out a new loaf. I believe that we are on the cusp of a revival. But it won’t be a large public thing that everyone is excited about. This revival will have little power and go mostly unseen in the public’s eyes as the people who truly fear a Holy God will walk out of the ministries that no longer bear His real presence. And I am not talking about the dancing and the stuff you find in these churches as they manufacture an emotional experience. I am talking about the no bells and whistles mourning of the lovers of God who have chosen to remain faithful and strive to worship in Spirit and Truth.

Heed this warning people of God. If your ministry has accepted sexual immorality or justifies those who bear false witness as they speak for the almighty God, with the authority of the True almighty God, I command each of you in those ministries to either fight to bring those leaders and denominations into repentance or for you to shake the dust off your feet and find a new pasture to be fed, for these ministries may look healthy and productive; they may preach about love until they are blue in the face, but they have become dry wells desolate of His Living Water. Those who knowing remain lukewarm (and choose to do nothing as their teachers adulterate the holiness of God) will share in the sins of their leaders. Therefore, come out of them (followers of the most holy God) and flee to the mountains so that you will not share in their wickedness, for the wrath of God is coming and His sanctuaries will be judged first.

There are still many good local churches that have not adulterated the Word of God and strive for holiness. The organized church has not fallen yet, but we are beginning to see how it will be taken over by Satan and then destroyed shortly after. My only hope is that before that fall comes that there will be those who have embraced these warnings and will not lose their faith when these events transpire.

It is in our nature as Christians to try to fix and restore. We forgive and give grace over and over again. And leaving a denomination (or compromised ministry) is the most difficult thing you will ever do. But we are not alone. Many of us have already blazed the trail of leaving these compromised institutions. We have taken the shame and rebuke from those who claimed authority over us. Yet our sacrifices have paved a way for others to walk the same path with less anxiety and with less loneliness.

For many years I felt alone as my choice to not compromise the Word took away my pulpit, my influence and my voice, but today more than ever I continue to receive more and more support from those who have left the organized church, for many have left religion and are desperately seeking the authentic presence of God. And that is what those will find if they have the faith to leave what is seen to embrace that which can only be felt in our hearts. With that said, we are not called to leave one thing just to make the same mistakes and start something else. We are called to let the Lord be our provision and King. He is our mediator and teacher. He calls us not to build sanctuaries in His Name, we are called to become His sanctuary. It is time to put our buildings, our doctrines, and our general assemblies aside to embrace Christ alone. He is enough!

Let me leave you with God’s approval to remove your peace form a specific building, teacher or ministry. Speaking to the disciples, Jesus relays, “If the house is worthy, see that your blessing of peace comes upon it. But if it is not worthy, take back your blessing of peace. And whoever does not receive you nor listen to your words, as you leave that house or city, shake the dust off your feet. Truly I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment, than for that city.” Mat. 10:13-15 Our denominations and churches are but tools to express our faith. If a tool goes bad, why would we continue to use it? The Spirit of God is leading many toward a new tool.

The church age is coming to an end. Soon the Messiah will come and take those who believe in His Name and they will enter into a time of rest for 1,000 years. The only thing that remains between now and that glorious Sabbath rest is the remainder of the Church age followed by a brief time of great tribulation. Be that 10 or 1,000 more years, we are called to be good stewards of His free gift. He will come at a day and time we least expect Him. Woe to those whose master finds them in the sanctuaries of harlots who have denied the holiness of God and worship a false idol of their own creation.

I am angry. I am furious. But I have a hope that my words will not fall on closed ears. This is not the time to sit and watch; it is a time to pray and gird our loins. The Spirit of God is actively separating the sheep from the goats. I beg you from the bottom of my heart; it is not love to remain with the goats thinking that your presence will somehow transform them into sheep. The call is being sent out to make your choice. Will you serve sexual immorality and these false prophets, or will you become less to embrace Him.

For those who have the courage, we are here to help you find the true fellowship of God once again. Not to make you a member of a church, but to embrace the fellowship of Christ; one that is free of tradition and religion; one that is free of control and worldly power. So many of you did not worship God this past week. Don’t give up on God. He is still our peace and hope. Find other lovers of God and fellow pastors and teachers that preach an unadulterated and undefiled Word. And find them quickly. For in the coming years, it will be much harder to do so.

May the peace of God be with you all.