Musicians Needed (4 miles East of Milaca)

The Fellowship in Bock is developing a worship team.  Currently, our worship experience is limited to singing accapella out of a hymn book or singing to a video playing over PowerPoint.  Therefore, the Lord has need of some volunteers to help the people in our community worship the Lord by serving in their musical giftings.  Music is important, yet most of the people who attend The Fellowship attend because of the interactive teaching style we use as people are able to ask tough questions and discuss the theological concepts that are being revealed through the Word of God.

Many people today are seeking the real Truths that most churches are unwilling to define or openly discuss.  As our model of ministry is not about quality of entertainment or quantity of people. We get to preach the hard Truths (or the Meat of the Word) to people who are desperate and hungry for God’s wisdom and understanding.  Currently, we have been studying the Gospel of John for almost 2 years.  We cover each and every verse and do our best to figure out what God is trying to teach us.

The Fellowship is looking for some people who are done just going through the motions of the Christian faith.  The harvest is great, but many no longer work the fields.  Our ministry is built from the ground up to reach those who have been hurt by church, or have left the church because of politics, hypocrisy, or lack of spiritual presence.

We function as a hybrid between a house church and an organized church by removing as much religion and tradition as we can without compromising the Gospel.  One of the ways we accomplish this is by removing as much money as we can from how we function.  As a volunteer pastor with no need of a salary, our ministry moves forward without the desire to own a building as God constantly provides public spaces for us to meet at little or no cost.

These would be volunteer positions; however, those that choose to join us will experience the excitement new ministries provide as well as serving with people who genuinely love each other while seeking to reach our community for Christ.  As many churches have pulled back from the community, ours indwells the community as we have no office or building to remain in. 

Over this past week, we served at the Mille Lacs Country fair and were able to share our vision with hundreds of people.  Many (who have not been in church for years) were intrigued and excited about what our ministry may be able to offer their families.  There is a buzz in the community about what we are trying to do.  We are not perfect, but we are willing to leave what hasn’t been working to seek after the Spirit’s leading.  Therefore, as we wait on God to provide and be our provision, we rejoice and are content singing accapella knowing that if God wants us to have good music, He will make it happen in His time and in His way.

If you are interested (or are able to forward this to someone who may be), we are hoping to activate this worship team around mid to late September when we shift our worship back from Wednesday nights to Sunday mornings.  At the fellowship, we do not care about the quality of the musician or level of experience; however, we care about the heart of the worshipper.  Veteran or novice, if God is placing the Fellowship on your heart, we would love to help you serve in the body of Christ.

The Lord has need of some people to lead our community in worship and praise.  Who shall He send? We patiently wait for His provision.