Music Ministry Position

Open Music Ministry Positions in Milaca:

Many of you know that our ministry called “The Fellowship” is very different from other local churches. We are trying our best to construct a reformed ministry model that is duplicatable and will help in revitalizing the Church at large over the next decade.

Our small group of Christian seekers is growing each week. Many of them have left the organized church and have been hurt by various ministries in the past. For many, these are sheep that are very cautiously coming back to graze for the first time in years. And that is why reform is so important. These sheep seek a pasture with no walls and no gates to keep them penned in. And in reality, no gates are needed if the shepherd keeps them on green grass and by living water.

What most churches are failing to realize is that people have already experienced compromise in many of the mainline denominations and have chosen to leave them. They are fleeing these mainline churches by the thousands each month, and they are never going back. Therefore, many of us are being called out to reform the tools we use as church, shifting our methods to meet people where they are to foster Christian fellowship. What we are finding is that many have not left the faith; they are just done playing church.

I am writing today because we are looking for some Christians who are called to serve the Lord musically. We do not want to create a music program here. We are looking for a few people who are gifted in music so that we can empower them to serve the Lord in their giftings as we fellowship together.

In a perfect world, it would be nice to find someone who can play the many hymns we sing on a piano or keyboard and to find someone who feels more called to develop into a servant of worship.

In many ways that may sound just like what everyone else is doing, but that is not the case. Music will never be the center or main focus of the ministry. It is and will always be the proclamation of the living Word of God. Therefore, music will be used, but it will only be one of many ways that we worship God. This servant of worship will be mentored by me to use many different tools to foster an authentic time of worship in our fellowship. We don’t seek quality. We don’t seek entertainment. We are seeking the humility of a servant whom God has gifted musically.

Is God calling you to become our servant of worship or become someone who can play the piano for us? It is not about your age or education. It is not about investing tons of time each week to have a polished experience. This is a simple, yet important role that needs to be filled so I (the pastor) can spend more time in the Word. I would say maybe 5 hours a week outside of the Sunday service would be all that is needed, and the piano player could really just be someone who shows up on Sunday mornings to play.

As for income, there may never be any. This should not be seen as job, rather it is a call. I am the pastor and still have a job, but my call is to bring reform and to minister to those who have been called out of the Church. This movement of the Spirit is not about getting paid to do a professional service. It is about restoring True Christian fellowship and the worship of a holy God in our local churches. It is about getting into the trenches of this spiritual war and advancing on the flanks of the enemies of our Savior.

But I can tell you this. Not all blessings come in monetary form. God is moving in our fellowship as we completely surrender to Him and have faith that He is our provision. He will continue to bless us as long as we stay in His will. I don’t know where the Lord is going to take this ministry, but exciting things are already taking place. People are feeling the real presence of the Spirit as we preach the Truth in love. People are coming back to God after years of running away and others are overcoming the pains they have received in other ministries. People are learning more about God after every service and truly feel that they receive answers to the tough questions they bring.

Sometimes the greatest payment in ministry we can receive is watching the harvest come in. I don’t know if this makes sense, but for many of those that will embrace this fellowship, God himself has been sowing for years in the famine of their spiritual life. Therefore, we have the privilege to do much of the harvesting of what has been sown in tears. And that itself will bring those who choose to serve here great joy.

The Lord needs some musically gifted people to bring in the harvest with me here in Milaca. The preaching here is theologically rich. We do not compromise the Word for culture. The people who come are hungry for the Word, and the Spirit of God is transforming people before our eyes.

If you would be willing to take a chance on a radically new approach to “be the Church”, I would be honored to walk with you as we serve the Lord together. A time of great reform is here, and God needs uncompromising men and women of humility to follow where He is leading His flock.

Is God calling you to serve along side of us? If it is a possibility, send me a message so we can seek His will out together. Blessings…