Like a Prophet Standing on a Wall

My personality is one geared like a prophet standing on a wall pointing out the things that don’t line up with God’s plans for us. I use to think that social media was a great way to bring these things to light as Narrow is the Way to eternal life. But I have learned that being a watchman is a lonely job.

Over the past 6 months, I have realized two things. First, the world is now so broken and selfish, that even most Christians no longer want to hear about a behavior that would seem to be outside of God’s holiness. We have reached a point of secularism where how we spend our time and money is no longer surrendered to God. He has been kicked out of our sexual choices, our politics, how we eat, he can’t influence what we watch or what spiritual things we choose to follow in our lives. And we have become so busy, that we fight with Him over the hour or two we spend with Him a week. We have truly become our own Gods; moreover, we have lost our fear of God.

And second, I have learned that even though there are still plenty of people who believe and are fighting for the same traditional and biblical values God calls us to, the truth is I feel that I am making no difference in the lives of those who I am trying to reach online. After thousands of hours posting warnings and sharing Truth as I continue to unveil the enemies schemes, the fruit of such effort (at face value) seems to have made no impact outside of being labeled a judgmental extremist. My effort to love new people is not getting anywhere as I use social media to share biblical concepts and truths.

I am not fully decided yet, but I may be making a shift in effort as I pray about how to move forward. I feel like teaching those who are not in my flock is becoming a useless gesture in this current culture. The world is so broken, and social media is becoming more of a battleground of hate vs Truth than a place to share our thoughts.

For my mental health as well as for those I serve in our local fellowship, I may start to refocus my time on in-person ministry. I have always been geared for online communication, but the world has changed so much that I can no longer compete with the vast noise pushing people further and further toward destruction. It almost feels we are getting to the point where we need to circle the wagons with the few who really believe what we find in scripture and hope for a quick return so that our children will not fall away before our very eyes.

The effort and time I have been investing online may soon be shifted more toward traditional personal relationships. When I speak Truth, I want people to know my heart as they look into my eyes and see how much l love them. And I want that Truth based on the Word of God no matter if it brings us joy or causes us great sorrow. For once they know that I truly love them, they will be more willing to see the behaviors that God is calling them to address.

Now I am sure that I am still going to post teachings and help those who are trying to learn about #Neodenominationalism, but I may be stepping off the digital wall in regards to pointing out the things that are wrong in the world and the church.

It is time to get back to the joy of serving those who seek after Christ and the hope of His salvation through obedience to the commands of Christ Jesus. I have been in the mud for so long tending to the soiled that I need some time to just be clean and remain in His rest.

Therefore, I would love to see any of you as we study the Word of God together on Wednesday’s at the Borgholm Townhall at 6:30 each week. We won’t have the flashing lights or the large groups of people. But I will be there. And I am not special, but I will always teach Truth in love the best way I can. And sometimes Truth hurts. It is like Lemon-juice on a paper cut. God is a holy God and He has called a people who are willing to believe in His son in such a way that they would be willing to surrender their wants and desires in order to embrace His nature of holiness.

Scripture tells us that without this Holiness, no one will see the Lord. And the entire Word of God provides us a road-map as to how that can be accomplished in our lives. There is no shortcut, no easy path, no lukewarm faith to get you in the door. It is a step of faith to surrender every part of our personal life and motive of the heart and to lay it at the feet of the cross. Sure there is grace and mercy in abundance, but salvation and rebellion towards God’s law is incompatible. Eternal life is a choice that costs us everything and most will never calculate the cost of being a true disciple.

This message of humble surrender to God’s holiness has been lost online. It has been adulterated in many churches. And for years, I have been preaching online only to see those I am serving continue to embrace the world’s wisdom over the living Word.

Tonight, I get to teach a small group of people who are yearning to learn about God. I owe it to them to stop standing on the wall of social media to no avail. The time has come to shift that energy into those God is placing in our ministry. It is time to walk our neighborhoods once again and meet people where they are. It’s time to stop talking about relationships and start investing in the ones we have. It is time to be the Light of Christ to a dying world.