Large Companies Are Persecuting Christians

We live in broken world. More and more people are being made examples of as large employers and tech companies have fully engaged into cancel culture. This latest actor (Gina Carano from the Mandalorian) made the mistake of stating an opinion on social media that the left did not like. And to make a point, Disney fired her.

So many people that have worked so hard to get where they are for years are being socially assassinated solely because of what they believe. Outside of the issue of slavery, never before in America has our country been so divided as censorship becomes a real and present threat to personal liberty.

Never before has the normal everyday American been so viscously targeted in the workplace and forced to subdue their personal views and opinions for fear of reprisal.

For Christians, we find ourselves in a type of twilight zone as a type of reverse censorship has bridled the culture. Instead of censoring acts of immorality or acts of violence, it is our lack of a toleration for sin that is the target of censorship. Instead of political concepts that limit personal freedom in America being frowned upon, those with power now make treasonous anyone who dares challenge governmental overreach.

Now with 74 million votes being slowly labeled as threats to progress, we are past the time where much can truly be done to fix what we have all allowed to take place before our eyes. We will watch as our conservative leaders continue to fall as we witness a scared nation fall into line with whatever they need to accept in order to keep playing video games and watching TV each night.

And after the narrative has been accepted by a docile people, then those in power will have what they need to completely silence any who oppose them. How much time do you think we have left to even share our conservative views and beliefs?

All this to say, time is running out for our churches. I don’t know if we have 11 months, 3 years, or a decade to go, but sometime soon the uncompromising fellowship of Christ is going to have to go underground. Therefore, prepare for what ministry will look like without a denomination, a pension, and a church building. Prepare your flocks for what is coming.

And most importantly, prepare to face true and real persecution. For what will start as people losing their jobs will quickly escalate into laws broken, imprisonment, child services, restrictions to medical care, and eventually public execution’s.

All our lives we have been taught about persecution in Sunday school. Very soon, it will be our turn to embrace it here in America. Therefore, use this time wisely. Everyday from now until then is a blessing from God. Let us train our kids in the Lord, for they will face a much harder struggle then we will ever face. It is easy to face direct persecution and die for your faith. It is much harder to grow up in a culture that openly oppresses Jesus Christ. I don’t worry for myself. I worry for my children and grandchildren.

Today I am sad that an actor was fired for no good reason and targeted by a political party solely because of her opinions. This alone should grieve us all. The America we grew up in is dead. We now embrace something else. Something that looks like freedom and liberty from the outside, yet quietly silences those who think differently in any way.