Gospel of John: Chapter 1 Verse 4

The enemy continues to push against our small fellowship.  This week was an important transition week for us as we moved our worship service to a new day and location.  We faced harsh government mandates that challenged our ability to meet, electric outages, and two separate house fires in the homes of our congregation.  The stress in itself was immense. Yet with all of the opposition, we were still able to worship the Lord together and find joy.

Never before in my life has it been so hard to go to a church and love people.  There is a force that wants to steal our hope and peace as it stands against the King.  It seems ever-present as each one of us wrestles with our own personal struggles at the end of 2020. 

We can’t give into this darkness.  We can’t just throw our hands up and let this force flow through our homes and our churches.  For God is still our refuge.  His promises will not be broken.  He is a faithful God.  Now that doesn’t mean that if we are entering a time of tribulation that everything is going to be peaches and roses.  What that means is that there are seasons of peace in the Lord and seasons of conflict for His Name.  2020 is a year that requires us to put on the armor of God and to fight for those who are suffering. 

Church, the harvest is ripe.  This week we faced severe spiritual opposition, and yet the Lord still led people to His table.  They sought fellowship because they had a need.  They were drawn to Christ because the Spirit of God is leading them green meadows and cool waters.  They are hungry for God and seek after the hope that seems elusive in our current struggles. 

This was a tough week, but God was glorified through our faith.  Many who came found peace and joy as we worshiped God in humility.  And it was not because of the building or the smooth transitions by the worship team.  It wasn’t because of a well-polished sermon or great visual effects.  We found peace as we prayed with each other and allowed God’s living Word to fill our hearts with Hope and Life.

God continues to bless His new ministry here in Milaca.  We even had to add chairs which was a wonderful problem to have.  But we need to prepare ourselves for this season of spiritual war and famine.  There are times where the enemy flees before us and the Kingdom of God can be advanced with great ease; however, we are entering a time of entrenchment.  The darkness is vast and has dug in for a long fight.  With God’s Light, we will drive back this darkness, but our victories will be hard fought and we will face great fatigue as we slowly take the field inch by inch.

The first week in our new location has come and gone.  We faced many trials, yet left in unity with hope.  I look forward to spending time with the many new faces that God has led our way.  And I pray that He will continue to lead more our way.  God is Good.  It is a blessing to serve the Lord.