Get Up and Get to Church…

Word of the Day – God placed this on my heart for someone today. There are some of us who have known about God and yet have chosen to live sinful lives. We are not in church this morning. Now that we are older, we look back on our lives and see the darkness and the pain we have caused. We see the selfishness of our choices as we indulged in worldly pleasures and did whatever made us happy in the moment. Yet, right here, right now. God has shown us that there was no real joy in those things and He is working on our hearts. Maybe we are sick, maybe we are approaching the end of our life, or maybe we really just want to change our life for the better. Can God really forgive us? Can God forgive all the horrible jokes, the drinking, the drugs, the horrible things we have done to those we have loved? Can I really serve God after living in sin for so many years?

I have good news. Jesus himself gives us the answer in Matthew chapter 20. Jesus is still hiring! Read it, and you will see. For no matter if we have served God all of our lives or only for our last days on earth, God’s rewards are the same. If we are reading this post today it means that God is still calling us no matter how much we have sinned against Him. So what is He calling us to do? All that he asks is that we confess our sins to Him with humility and repentance and ask him to forgive us. God is love, He has promised that He will forgive the sins that are humbly confessed to him no matter how bad they are and no matter how long we have been doing them.

None of us deserve it. But He must forgive all of us equally because of His faithfulness and grace. He is a generous God. And like the adulterous women that Jesus forgave at the well, He tells us all, “You are forgiven, go and sin no more”. Therefore, if you accept this Word today, do not keep it in your heart as a secret, for you are now employed to work in His fields. Tell someone you are ready to serve the Lord. Find a group of believers to fellowship with. And stop sinning. For why would we in our freedom choose to be enslaved again to the things Jesus Christ has freed us from? I love you all. May this be the Word that you allow to finally give into the grace of God. To Him, we give all glory and honor. Amen. Feel free to message me if you would like to chat about these things.