For those who have left the Church…

It is time to reform how we worship the Lord. Are you a Christian yet did not go to church this week? You are not alone! Many believers in Christ have made the decision to leave their denominations. Even though there are many good churches out there doing great things, for those of us who have left, we have many good reasons for doing so. My name is pastor Luke. I have left the traditional Church for you. Over the past year, I have been developing a new type of Christian fellowship that is being crafted for those of us who have given up on the traditional models of Christianity.

What does that really mean? It means that we are building the foundation of a new type of local fellowship that aims to strip away all of the stuff that is of man, yet keep all of the important parts of Christianity that can never be compromised. For instance: Instead of trying to build and maintain physical properties, this new style of ministry will strive to operate without shared assets. Instead of forcing an unbiblical tithe, offerings that are collected will go more towards the real needs of people. Rather than having a church board that tends to become political as they try and control and maintain the provisions God has provided, this new system will foster mentoring relationships empowering elders to function more like spiritual parents that live by example as they help others grow in Christ. And what about those theological disagreements that we had in your former churches? As scripture is the only church manual provided, there is more freedom to maintain unity in fellowship as long as our varied opinions can be truly defended by the Word of God, for we are called to sharpen each other’s steel; not sheath any blade that looks different than our own.

Reform is coming to the Church. But it cannot happen without you. There are literally thousands of us in the area that have grown up in the church yet currently live our faith outside of religious Christianity. Take this to heart. God has called us out of religion, but He has not called us out of fellowship.

Therefore, I humbly ask you to consider this. We are trying to build a new type of Christian fellowship that will help to reform the future of Christianity. It is far from perfect, but it is an honest attempt to bring major change to the many things that are driving the masses from religious Christianity.

Would you help us? We don’t need your money. We need people who seek a deeper relationship with God. We need people who have left or are tiered of religion to assist us in testing and tweaking a new tool that will help people truly “be the church” rather than “go to a church”. We need input. We need to hear your stories. We desire to truly right the wrongs and mend the hurts that the traditional church has caused. It is not about controlling you. It’s not about claiming to be something special. It is a raw and honest attempt to get back to the great parts of the church that we loved when we were children. It’s not a performance. It’s not hip. Its not about the next big thing in Church leadership. It’s about getting back to building relationships where we help each other through the hard times and share our love and joy with our neighbors.

The Spirit of God is calling those who are tiered of focusing on the problems of the faith and are ready to be used to foster a great reformation of Church structure. All great things start with a few people who share a Godly vision. The Lord is asking: “Who shall I send?” I am one of many who are answering that call, but we can’t do it alone. No matter how grand these visions can be, they will never succeed without the support of others.

There are 4 weeks left to our Wednesday evening Bible studies that are helping to share this vision with those who are seeking to learn more about it. God has provided a building to use every Wednesday and a pastor to lead. In faith, we have prepared ourselves to minister and love others, now we wait to see who God will bring. We would love to meet you. See you this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Borgholm Townhall (16041 70th Ave, Milaca, MN 56353) just SW of Bock, MN. There won’t be any signs outside or flashing lights. Just a few humble servants seeking to love those Christ brings our way.