Does Love Win?

Word of the Day – Everywhere I turn it seems like love is winning. Christianity is changing rapidly. The beliefs we have held onto for centuries are now all of the sudden called into question and laid on the new altar of love. It seems like everything is up in the air now, and the only thing we can do is accept everything and tolerate the changes taking place as those in our churches take on the world’s morality. However, God is not pleased with our new found freedom in “love”.

Toleration and acceptance are the anti-Christ of His love. Think about this… If God didn’t want us to modify our behavior and to respond to His truth on what He considers to be Holy, why did He kick us out of the Garden of Eden? In Genesis 3, we see Adam taking on the knowledge of truth and evil. After receiving this knowledge, he became like God. So why did God throw Adam out of the Garden? Why didn’t he just let him eat of the Tree of Life and live forever? It is because once we eat of that tree, our status of clean or unclean becomes permanent.

God showed us mercy in throwing us out of the garden, so that the redemptive work of Christ could take away our sins. Now with Christ’s work complete, we stand unrestrained with the knowledge and ability to seek after holiness or claim self-sovereignty over our morality and decide for ourselves what is acceptable in God’s sight. Do not be fooled, God’s wrath is coming for those who choose the world’s “love” over Christ who is “Love”.

Therefore, let us continue to seek after Christ and His righteousness. Let us define “love” through the Living Word rather then the news networks and social media. And let us be good stewards of the precious gift we have received – Holiness