Deconstruction: Justification For Embracing The World’s Wisdom Over God’s

1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer any sea. Rev. 21:1.

Growing up in the church, scriptures like this have always been taken at face value. If Jesus says that those who sin will be cast into the second death and He will make a new heaven and new earth, we embraced His Truth in faith. Sure, we may not understand how we won’t have a sun anymore because Christ will be our light. But that doesn’t mean that we allow ourselves to distort His revelation so we can better understand the science of what may take place.

One of the most popular words in the Christian faith right now is the term “Deconstruction”. And all that means is that there are people who think we should challenge every Truth in the Word of God (and in our theology) and create new theologies based on current science and personal understanding. This approach basically throws out thousands of years of eschatology as the purpose of “Deconstruction” is the systematic pulling apart of one’s belief system for examination.

In short, we live in a society that thinks that they are so smart that they can push off everything that has been historically taught to embrace whatever conclusions they discover on their own. They think that technological advancement is somehow better than generations of Christian leaders being taught by the Holy Spirit in stillness and humility.

Deconstruction is the most selfish form of theology as you get to create the God of your choosing. And in most cases, this movement reveals a loving “fluffy” God who has come to save everyone and will sit on a throne here on this Earth. In reality, this movement is called the Emerging Church movement and its goal is to unite many religions to embrace the false Christ that they have created, but most don’t care to do the research about the 7 mountain mandate or other crazy things that this line of thinking endorses.

Deconstruction and the Emerging Church have slowly crept into mainstream Christianity in many denominations. Like leaven, it is being found and taught in our colleges and seminaries. And that is why this growing delusion is now being so accepted and embraced. How can it be wrong when so many prominent and growing ministries are implementing it? How can we dismiss the success as 1,000s are being brought into the faith while so many traditional ministries are failing? This must be God’s will… Or not…

Here is what an ordained Nazarene/UMC pastor recently wrote on His Facebook wall: “Jesus is coming to heal the world, not kill millions of people. The book of Revelation is about healing not Armageddon, love not war, transformation not destruction.” Sadly, my attempts to challenge this thought were unsuccessful as many of his friends were able to rally around him and say that I was the one who didn’t know what I was taking about. The saddest part about this whole thing is that since so many people are accepting these delusions, most are unable to hear and recognize Truth as they have so many friends who share in those delusions.

Now if the goal of the emerging church is to conquer the 7 mountains, the theology they develop would have to match. This has great significance in end times events. For if the goal is to transform society, why would God destroy it all when Christ returns? You can see why that would be a problem. Emerging Theology cannot accept a new Heaven and a New Earth. Here is the 7 mountains that the Emerging Church (New Apostolic Reformation) have come to conquer: 1. Education, 2. Religion, 3. Family, 4. Business, 5. Government/Military, 6. Arts/Entertainment, 7. Media. These seven sectors of society are thought to mold the way everyone thinks and behaves. So, to tackle societal change, these seven “mountains” must be transformed.

Now I must concede that it truly matters not if Jesus destroys the world or not as it pertains to our personal relationship with Him. However, the church is now on a slippery slope. For we cannot change or adulterate the Word and Character of God. If God approved of genocide in the Old Testament as he ordered the deaths of women and children, we must accept that as God’s Character cannot change, God will do the same (as the Word declares) when Christ returns.

God is Love and only He is capable of defining it. If the destruction of the World and the death of millions of people is how God shows love to His children, we are called to accept His version of love. The Book of Revelation is not a metaphor. It is not symbology where we get to determine what everything means. It is a blessing to prepare those who will face the end times. And that is why that blessing is contingent on heeding the words of that Revelation. For wide is the road that leads to destruction, yet few will choose to remain on the narrow road.

So, what will it be? Will we embrace the tickling of our ears as the world continues to embrace a new theology that basically throws away the most important parts of our traditional theology, or will we strive to protect our families against such influences by seeking out the few pastors and ministries who stand against these things?

The saddest part is that many times the choice comes down to what we prioritize. Do we seek a larger ministry where all the young families hang out and they have a praise team and an awesome youth group, or do we seek out Truth even if that means we lose some of the bells and whistles? The Bible shows us that many will choose the convenient option over Truth, and that makes me very sad.

If I could give you any advice it would be this. Christianity is undergoing a drastic and dramatic transformation. But this is not a good thing. And don’t take my word for it. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the Truth. This new Christianity aims to change Jesus into something He is not. It wants to modify His character and justify many changes to the faith that go directly against His Word. In reality, Christianity is creating an idol called Jesus. And that idol will have no saving power. So, choose now who you will serve. And if you choose to serve God, run away from any ministry focusing on deconstruction, the seven-mountain mandate, or the Emerging Church.

I leave you with the purpose of John’s Revelation. May those who read it, heed the words within in order to receive the blessing. And if you do, we will live together with Christ on a new earth with a new heaven just as He proclaimed to us. This is our hope, to live in perfect holiness with Christ forever…

3 Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near. Rev. 1:3