Attention Pastors

Fellow pastors… I write to you today to unveil something I feel is about to take place.  We are about […]

How to Write a Sermon

1. Pray About What God is Going to Show You: Preaching is not about doing anything in our own power.  […]

The House Fire:

For a while now the family knew that there was something wrong. Every so often the family would discover a […]

Calling Evil Good

If you live in Minnesota like I do, Spring is a wonderful time of year.  The snow is gone, the […]

Our New Label “Extremist”

Everyone who classifies themselves as a “conservative Christian”, needs to be ready to embrace our new title. This title is […]

So Your Church Is Struggling…

You are not alone…  The world is looking at an unprecedented withdrawal of Christian morality and practice.  This has created […]