2020: The Worst Year of Our Young Lives

Friends in Milaca/Ogilvie area… For many of us, 2020 has been by far the worst year of our young lives. We have lost friends through politics, buried loved ones without being able to say goodbye, some of us have lost our jobs and our kids have fallen behind in their education. We have been forced to stop living (how we have always lived) and are being forced to comply even to the point of what we can wear in public.

Relationships and physical touch are so vital to our spiritual and emotional well-being, yet that basic need is being stripped away from us. Today, you may be sitting in your home doing the only thing that seems to be allowed (scrolling through your phone), and you are reading this post.

I am here for you. If I am already your friend on Facebook, you already know that I am a pastor and that I started a ministry in Bock. This fellowship is for people just like you who have left the hypocrisy of religion.

Like you, I left my denomination as well. You see, we all have our reasons. We have all been hurt by the church in different ways. However, one thing has become more clear as the months and the years outside the church have gone by. Without a church fellowship, our children are leaving the faith entirely and we ourselves have lost our joy in Christ.

It is not my job to get you back into the church systems that hurt you. My call is to take those the Lord has called out of religion and help to gather them into His fellowship again. There is a way to “be the church” outside of religion.

Now many would say that sounds like just starting another Church. So what… We are still all part of one Church in Christ, the main difference being, that this ministry is being built from the ground up to remove and hinder the things of men that brought us so much pain.

I am the pastor because the Bible says we still need someone who has been gifted by the Holy Spirit to teach and study the Word. I am here solely to teach the Word of God and provide an example of what the love of Christ looks like.

We hold to Scripture alone for that is all the doctrine we need. Therefore, our fellowship has no assets, no church board, no need to raise large amounts of funds, no salaried staff, no doctrines of men that cause division, and no way to become a member.

Why do you ask? Because a true pastor and congregation serves each other out of relationship rather then by compulsion. As a pastor, I will love anyone the Lord leads my way. And here in Milaca, I am like a new dentist taking on new clients. I am not called to find ways to keep you coming back. All I have to do is love you so much that it makes no sense to stay away.

I am writing today because I need more people to love and invest in. I can’t offer you a piece of paper to get you into heaven, and will never develop a large church with flashing lights and the best amenities, but you will be loved. I will pray for you and be there in your times of need. I will anoint you with oil when times are bad and baptize members of your family as we celebrate our faith is Christ together.

But most importantly, I will always preach the Word of God to the best of my ability. Today, truth is the hardest thing to find in this world. Let me be a solid footing to influence some of the most important questions we all face. For the Truth still sets us free and brings us great joy.

How is life going? So many of us are depressed and happiness seems more like a distant dream rather than a hope that could be realized. Would you be willing to give us a solid try? What could you lose; outside a a few Wednesday evenings spent leaning about God. Yet, what a gift that would be if you were able to once again find fellowship with others who love Jesus. How much pressure could be removed by seeking Truth in the Word and having your tough questions answered with respect and love.

Even now in your brokenness, God still calls out to you. He loves you more than you could ever fathom. I am hear if you ever want to seek after Him once more. Not as one who is over you, rather as one who walks beside you. Blessings