We are a new and growing ministry that meets in the Borgholm Townhall just SW of Bock on 70th Ave. We started two years ago during the first covid mandates and are just now ready to reengage with the community as we seek to have an impact serving those in the Milaca/Ogilvie areas.

Our ministry may feel different as we seek a more authentic worship experience by not forming a 501c-3 non-profit or owning a building. Our ministry philosophy is that if you take out as much of the money as you can, all that remains is a group of people who genuinely seek to love and serve each other. Therefore, we may function much like many other churches on Sunday morning, yet we are structured in a way that is very different. And we would love to share our vision with you as we seek to reach those who have left the church or have been hurt by Christians in the past.

Come and check us out each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. for Fellowship and 10:00 a.m for Worship

Primary Worship Location