WOTD: The Confessing of our Elder Saints

Many of us have seen the gradual yet drastic changes that have taken place in our churches and denominations. Not all change is bad; however, when sin comes into the church and is allowed to take positions of power in our assemblies, that is not bad, that is a death blow to holiness in that ministry. For those of us who know the scriptures, we understand that holiness and sin can’t operate in the same space. Therefore, if a church or denomination is purposely rebelling against the Divine Word of God, the Spirit of God has no choice but to pull back and allow sin to harden the hearts of those who remain.

I have always wondered how such sin could be allowed to prosper in local churches where strong men of God held fast to the scriptures and sought only to follow the Lord’s commands. Yet we find that the same denial of Truth took place when Jesus was about to die. Scripture shows us: 42 Nevertheless many even of the rulers believed in Him, but because of the Pharisees they were not confessing Him, for fear that they would be put out of the synagogue; 43 for they loved the approval of men rather than the approval of God. John 12:42-43

Here some of the elders and rulers truly believed that Jesus was the son of God, yet belief alone was not enough. They rejected Christ by staying silent. The peer pressure of the world took priority over their integrity and honor. Scripturally speaking, to stay silent, is to deny Christ.

I say these things today because America is filled with elder saints who have allowed sin to enter and compromise their churches and denominations. And these saints are no longer filled with joy. They are filled with shame as they sit in the pews and allow the sin to boast and parade across the stage. It has become a cancer, tearing apart the righteousness in their souls. There are so many of you out there. Too weak to speak or cry out for help. You feel like you deserve this slow spiritual death as you feel it is your fault all of these things have taken place.

Today, I want to offer you hope. First, you are not alone. There are people in every church that are just as distraught as you who see how bad the church has become. Some of you have fought for years to hold back the changes only to fail after decades of resistance, and it has left you spiritually exhausted. There are so many who have no fight left in them and all they have left to do is sit by those they love and pray that somehow God will show them mercy.

Silent and alone is void of power. Don’t let Satan trick you into thinking that nothing can be done. For the Holy Spirit is moving and reform and revival are taking place outside of those church systems. Can you believe that there are small fellowships (even near your town) that are free to preach the unadulterated Word of God and that they are desperately seeking elder saints to share their wisdom and love as we work against a sinful culture that seeks to destroy all who strive for holiness? The Lord needs you. And your family needs to see your example. It is not love to sit in a compromised church in the hopes that your family will understand your heart. Love is being willing to sacrifice your comfort to do what is right in God’s eyes. If we truly believe that denominations will not be in heaven, then act on that truth by walking away and embracing the simple Gospel that brings transformation. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a church where you didn’t have to worry about compromise from the pulpit? How refreshing would it be to sing songs that you knew honored God and relayed His perfect holiness rather than “the woes of life” and the adulterated views of love and grace that permeate much of current contemporary Christian music? You don’t have to cringe any longer when you would hear weekly preaching that goes directly against the Word of God. You don’t have to tolerate and accept the things a sinful culture is trying to parade in the Lord’s sanctuary. Entertaining sinners didn’t work. Now lets worship in Spirit and Truth…

We are here. We need you. Therefore, gird your loins and seek us out. Don’t look back at what you are leaving, for God is calling you to flee to the mountains. There is nothing of value in those doctrines or those rituals that can not be found where the Lord takes you. Help us reach our communities with the Truth. Help us show the world that Light can still shine from our small local fellowships.

We invite you to come and find rest. We invite you to confess Jesus is Lord. All of the Pharisees are watching. What will you choose to do? Are you willing to be put out of the synagogue to gain the approval of Christ? Only you can answer that question. As such a decision is so hard to make. Therefore, I will always be here to listen to your stories and give you the courage you need to act on God’s plan for your life. We are not alone… Therefore, let us find each other and worship the Lord who is worthy to be praised.

Blessings my friends. The Lord is coming soon…