Who Will Go For Us?

In the near future, I will be helping a small group of people to develop new ministries that are outside of the established/traditional church model.  Many are being called out of the religion of Christianity and the business side of religious tradition.  These pastors strive to keep the Word of God and are seeking how to start church fellowships that are more authentic and truer to what Jesus calls His bride to be. As our denominations continue to compromise to sin and the culture, (and many churches begin to close), the Spirit of God is paving the way for revival in those who strive to hold up the Name of God.

This path is not for everyone.  If you have a call to ministry and have left your denomination, I want to hear your story and your call.  If the house church movement has not worked for you, I want to show you why?  And if you have been in your call for more than 4 years and you are still not preaching and teaching, I want to help place you in a pulpit in the next 6 months.  It took almost 8 years for our family to heal and be ready to minister after leaving our denomination, and it took that long because I had no one to guide me through that drastic change of our spiritual identity.  My goal is to provide a hand for those leaving the traditional (heavy) model of ministry so they can embrace a much lighter model. 

There is nothing new under the sun.  The model of ministry that we are developing is not the next big thing.  It is just an attempt to bring reform to how we minister to others.  The church was never meant to function like a business.  It has always been about relationships.  All we are doing is removing as much of the need for money, physical assets, and means of manipulation and control in our ministry models.  For when you take away these things, all that remains are groups of people who love each other and gather around the Word of God.

If you are called to be a minister, think about this fork in the road.  You can either spend the next 4 to 10 years and thousands of dollars jumping through the hoops and red tape of a traditional church system to hopefully impress enough of the right people to be given the green light to serve in a small church that throws out their pastors every 3 years (where 50% of pastors never preach again after their first pastorate.)  Or you can bypass the bureaucracy of it all and allow this new church model to help you start a church right where you are today.  Why not save the time and money to follow your call now?

Look around… The physical church building model can not be maintained as more and more people leave the faith.  Full-time ministers are no longer going to be the norm.  The times are calling for smaller and more flexible ministries that are based in relationship rather than incorporation. 

So what will you do?  I see you… I see the thousands of pastors who have been chewed up and spit out of the church.  I see the countless number of those who were filtered out of the process (put in place by the church) who were called to be ministers but never made it to a pulpit.  I see the many pastors who sit in their office with the doors closed as they weep for where they see their church and denominations headed; great teachers who have been muzzled because their beliefs no longer match the majority vote.

God is making a way for His messengers to take off their chains and speak the Truth in love.  The Spirit is moving to bring a needed reform to the structures of how we do ministry.  And those with the faith to follow where the Spirit is leading will face great trials, yet will bask in the presence of God as they leave what is safe and cleave to Christ alone.

There are still many good churches and denominations out there.  This is not about them.  This is for those who have been called yet that call cannot be lived out to it’s fullest within those traditional systems.  It is not us verse them, for God uses all of us to accomplish His will; however, we live in a world where many will never enter a church again.  And therefore, a huge mission field has opened up.  Who will go for the Lord and give up the pompous and tradition to reach those who have fled it?  There is no money or prestige to be had, yet it may be the small flexible fellowships that God chooses to work through.

If this has tugged on your heart in some way, take the simple step to message me.  Let’s talk and pray about what God’s plan is for you specifically.  I am looking for a handful of ministers to take this journey with us as we continue to develop this new model of ministry.  Alone we can’t do much, but together in Christ the impossible can be accomplished through Him working in us.