Who is a Reformer?

“A reformer is one who works to change and improve a society, government, etc. A reformer is not passive about all the happenings around him. A reformer is not asleep from noticing a burning house that is about to crumble down. A reformer is a hero but one who lives ordinarily among ordinary people. A reformer is not a velvet-mouth preacher who does not resonate with the deep hurts of the listeners. A reformer is not blind to the open-secret of corrupt practices and lies. A reformer shouts from the roof-top of what is going wrong within the house. A reformer perceives the looming parasites and searches for remedy before it arrives. A reformer discerns that there’s more to than meets the eye. A reformer points out fault yet never without a tear in the eye. A reformer loves too much to stay quiet and complacent. A reformer is willing to pay his/her dear life for a noble cause. A reformer is not afraid to stand against corrupt officers and face them head-on. A reformer who lives to see justice done to the poor and who shows no partiality in his/her dealing. A reformer is freed of-isms. A reformer forgives and paves a noble path for the future better relations of their posterity. A reformer speaking and standing for truth and is willing to suffer losses on that undying conviction of heart. A reformer with the commitment to serve unnoticed for the welfare and good of the people… Can we find but one among us?”

Written by Vebu Khamo from the Seoul Christian University, Korea.