Trivial Matters

Word of the Day – Recently, I have been making many new friends on Facebook. Many of them believe in holiness (loving others by responding to the Spirit’s leading in Truth), yet those who believe in holiness are deeply divided. Many have been forced out or are considering leaving their denominations. Much of these divisions have nothing to do with issues of salvation, rather they are stubborn stances on trivial matters like: How does the process of sanctification look like in the life of the believer? Do we not understand how few of us still care about living in holiness these days? The world is waging war on us, and yet we divide ourselves with petty doctrines and polity. In Joshua 5, we see how petty these arguments are. As an angel appears, Joshua asks a strong looking man whose side he was on. With boldness, the angel basically says, “I am on no one’s side.” Jesus Christ is not standing on the “entire sanctification” side or the “Armenian” side. We battle and bleed for these gray areas in scripture. We deny ordination and throw our own children out of the fellowship as their conscience leads them to a slightly different conclusion. Shame on us for sending our children to Bible colleges only to deny them fellowship and ordination because scripture is revealed to them slightly differently. I have a dream, that one day all holiness people will be able to serve and fully support one another no matter what side they fall on in the gray areas of holiness theology. May we once again unite like the great preachers of old, and bring revival and unity back to our nation. Holiness unto the Lord… .