Tree Blossoms

Word of the Day – It’s that special time of year where one of my favorite trees comes to blossom. The tree itself is full of life as many types of bees and other insects enjoy the nourishment provided within the blossom itself. It reminds me of the scripture that talks about how those in God’s kingdom will also blossom.

The Gospel of God started with one man. It took root in one family and then flourished into one nation. And it is from that nation, that the whole world will be filled with the fragrance of the Gospel which is “Immanuel” God with us. With that in mind, we have to remember what Jesus told us what would happen after the world received the Gospel. In Matthew 24, Jesus shares that once the entire world has received the gospel, the end will come. How close are we to reaching that goal? How many more years will it take until the gospel is shared at least once to every people group and nation?

I believe we are closer than we would want to admit to accomplishing that goal. Remember, that in a fallen world, beauty will always fade. Yesterday, I wanted to take a picture of my wife in front of the tree blossoms this year, sadly we waited too long. Now over half of the tree has lost its blossoms and the beauty of the tree is fading away. In the same way, Jesus will be quick to return to claim His bride as the nations that received His gospel in the beginning are losing and/or have lost their splendor.

Jesus is coming again, and He will come when we least expect it. Therefore, let us live out each day expecting and anticipating the Lord’s return. For it is our hope in Christ that will bring us joy as we enter into the tribulation that will one day take place.