Those Called Into Ministry:

Those Called into Ministry: Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of pastors who have spent money to get trained as a minister yet are not currently in a pulpit? We live a time of great reform. As the traditional church has over-emphasized education and professionalism, we have a surge in trained pastors who may never be in a position to really succeed in the new CEO mentality of ministry. And as denominations continue to accommodate a secular culture by changing their doctrines to justify things like sexual immorality, and minimize the need for repentance of sins, many pastors are also being called out of these compromised denominations.

To begin with, understand that you are not alone. All of Christianity is about to respond to what has gotten out of control as we have turned the worship of a living God into a self-help entertainment driven industry built on motivational speaking and emotional mysticism in our worship. Reform is no longer a vision in the future. Reformation is beginning to take place. And this great reformation is going to be one of structure that places Christ back as the head of His Church. It is global movement to step out of the business models of our large denominations and start small local independent fellowships that focus on relationships and the Word of God.

I hear so many stories of pastors who have spent over a decade training and serving in order to follow their call to pastor a local fellowship. Out of 100 pastors who are initially called, only about 20 will be in a pulpit in 10 years and only around 13 of those will ever get ordained. If you are not in a pulpit by then, the odds are stacked against you, for the people above you have decided that you are not really what they are looking for. Therefore, why should you remain in a situation that will not truly allow you to follow the call God has placed on your life?

What if I told you that a new ministry tool is being developed to empower every pastor to start a local fellowship. Instead of putting up a church building filled with people, these fellowships start with nothing as they wait on God provision. All that is needed is a called pastor to begin. This new tool for ministry allows any pastor to start with nothing (where they live) and allow them to develop a local fellowship slowly overtime. With flexibility, these pastors can truly go at God’s pace and allow God to decide how fast and large a fellowship will grow to be. After the same 10 year period, many of these independent pastors may have healthy fellowships and plenty of financial support.

If you are a called minister who is not pastoring, we can help. We don’t need your money; we don’t want to control or take credit of what you start. We want to help empower you to serve in your call. It should not take 6 years, thousands of dollars, and a masters degree to serve as a shepherd in the body of Christ. All it takes is a humble servant who is gifted in the proclamation of the Word by the Holy Spirit. We can help you get started. No red tape, no waiting on your denomination’s permission. Just you following your call by preaching the Word.

So what will it be? Will you continue to allow a power-driven system to keep you on the sideline for another 5 to 10 years, or will you have the faith to follow your call and start a new kind of local fellowship; one that is outside the control of our denominations? God has called you, are you ready to serve Him? There is a way, if you are willing to truly seek it out. Maybe it’s not for you, yet maybe it is what you have been desperately waiting on for years.

As one pastor who has waited over 15 years for a green light to serve in my own call, I strive only to shorten that time for the rest of God’s called. Blessings.