The World Has Invaded His Sanctuaries

Why is reform so needed in the Church? It is because the world has so invaded our fellowships in such a way that we are becoming silent or even anti-Christ to appease those outside the Church.

Today we are seeing the catastrophic effects of the seeker sensitive and megachurch movements. Look at this pastor here. He can’t even like something on Facebook without having to become a target. And now targeted, he has to protect what he has by bowing to whatever the loudest critics want. Would he have done the same if he was a bi-vocational pastor preaching to 30 people in a house somewhere?

As we enter post-Christian America, we have to reform the tools we use to be the Bride of Christ. Large denominations and large churches will have no choice to continue to compromise the Gospel to appease the secular world. Pastors who are ordained in larger denominations may have to face the facts and understand that serving God’s people may involve letting go of their ties to religious organizations that are being hijacked by the spirit of Satan.

A denomination is just a tool. A large church building with flashing lights and a large parking lot is just a tool. If our tools cause us to modify our message, we need to reform those tools. I would rather preach Truth to 5 people, then to adulterate the Truth for 500.

It is time for the seeker friendly church to end. Our job has never been to befriend the world and hope that God changes people if we can get them into our church building. Our job is and always been to seek Christ and His holiness. Our evangelism is not to invite the world into our churches by any means necessary. Evangelism is being a Light that God can use. God is the one who brings people to himself. He stirs the hearts of the broken and leads them to His Light here on earth: His bride.

Scripture along with church history reveals that God’s plan to rebuke and discipline His people has always been to remove or separate the sin from the fellowship of God. By doing this, the sinner understands the severity of their actions (that could lead to eternal consequences) and are brought back to repentance with a godly sorrow.

In contrast, the world’s way (that the church has now adopted) is to allow all who are rebelling to remain in the flock. This not only diminishes the witness of the Fellowship, but it allows the sinner to remain in rebellion. Moreover, this rebellion becomes cancerous and spreads to others in the flock. Today, many denominations are being led by those who are rebelling against God because they have been voted in by those who are rebelling against God…

A time of great persecution is coming for the churches that truly understand the Father’s love and reject the world’s views (of love) of toleration and acceptance. Now is the time to prepare our flocks to brace for this storm. Neodenominationalism is just one way of helping pastors and churches embrace a new tool to be the Church. And it costs nothing, yet it forces you to lean on God’s provision rather than an organization.

The Church needs to reclaim its first love. Not to bow to the world and react and respond to what they do, rather we are to surrender to the holiness of Christ and seek out and gather with the few others who seek after the same things. Its time to trim our lamps. Its time for a great reform in the Church.