The Super Bowl

Word of the Day – Super bowl Addition: One day there was a great king that wanted to bring joy to his people because he provided them a prosperous kingdom. So, he took some of His wealth and created a massive display to entertain the masses. This great king was Nebuchadnezzar. The display was a 100 ft statue of himself made purely out of Gold. As most of the kings those days, they did not know God and used images like this to worship. Therefore, the statue became a reflection of the self-imposed divinity of Nebuchadnezzar himself.

With respect, the masses who stood before this glorious and majestic work all bowed before it and paid respect. Now for most people, there was no problem with this. They all enjoyed the spectacle that was taking place before them. However, three Christian men out of all of the Jews chose not to bow and worship this fake God. And with these three men, God did miraculous things.

In many ways, the Super bowl has become the greatest one-day spectacle of the year. Now by itself, there is great beauty as a country comes together to celebrate our freedom and have a good time. The Super bowl itself is just a game. Many would try to demonize it and call it satanic; however, football only becomes an idol if you place it before your relationship with God. And as we all know, chocolate and fishing are not evil, yet both can still become idols to the heart.

However, this year’s Super bowl is different. Instead of just building something that the masses can enjoy, this great event is being hijacked into a time to challenge our faith in God. This year the commercials that the event has chosen to air purposefully go directly against our God. So what example are we going to set for our children as we bow down and worship “planned parenthood” and “drag queens” during the game? For is that not what we are doing if we know these things are going to be shown and choose to be entertained anyway? Is it not a sin to enjoy the spectacle if we know that it is leading others to worship another god?

I keep hearing about how bad our country is getting. I listen to the complaints on social media as liberalism permeates every aspect of the culture. Yet change will only come when we stand instead of bow. I have watched the Super bowl for my whole life. But this year, I will not be one of the many who blindly follows the crowd so I can enjoy the festivities. For what is normally a great spectacle (enjoyed by our great country) has been transformed into idol worship. God did such marvelous things with just three who stood firm. How much more impact could a nation of believers have if we just had enough faith to stand together.