The Prophecies I Feel the Lord Has Revealed to Me

I sit here today with an infection in my arm. I really don’t feel much pain. It feels more like a big bruise from hitting my elbow during a fall. Yet even though it does not seem like much is wrong, I remain at the mercy of whatever infection dwells within me. I ponder to think if in two weeks this infection will be fully gone, or will I be in the hospital fighting for my life as I have already lost much due to infections in the past. Will the antibiotics work, or will my long history of antibiotic use be what God uses to take me home?

Sometimes we forget just how fragile life can be. The Lord has placed many things on my heart as He has opened His Word to me. Much of what I believe I have been shown I keep inside. I have done this because there is no room for prophecy in the contemporary church. And those that do claim to be prophets (or share messages from God) tend to misuse their gifts with such regularity that we have turned a blind eye to the possibility that God could truly reveal something in anyone. We have lost faith in the Spirit’s gift of prophecy.

What is faith if not moving forward and taking the leap God is wanting you to take even though you don’t know 100% for sure. That is where I find myself. My soul burns with things I feel the Lord has revealed to me through His Word, but I have never seen Him in a dream or heard His voice audibly. I have never been transported to heaven or seen an angel.

So, what do these things that dwell so passionately in my heart represent? Is it just an opinion so deeply engrained that even though I believe it to be a message from God it is only a personal bias I have taken on and stubbornly hold to? With those I shepherd, am I truly the rebellious cult leader I fear so much not to be, or am I still an uncompromising messenger of God in a world that no longer sees Truth when it is revealed?

I think God faces us with death sometimes in order to give us the courage to act on that which is most important to us. For me, it is the things that I feel God has given me to say that I don’t want to be left unsaid. For there is so much importance in the messages that I feel that I have received from God.

I know one day, I will see His face. And I am torn between hearing, “Well done” or “why did you mislead my people”. I do not want to be remembered as a false prophet or even considered a prophet. But what about the messages I carry? What good is a message if not spoken? And what penalty remains for those who carry such messages from the lord yet fail to share them out of fear?

Therefore, I will once again share these things with you in a very general sense just in case the Lord may take me. I will not use scripture in this post, for it would be too long of a post and those conversations need to be done by phone or in person anyway. Let us Begin…

1st. Gen 1:3 refers directly to Christ. It took many generations to finish the Bible, yet when God introduced himself to us, He revealed the fullness of His nature in the first 3 verses of scripture. Again, the theology for this is too much to share here, but ask yourself: Would an awesome God do something like that? Does it deepen our faith? And more logically, why does God create light twice? Ponder these things as Jesus is the Light of the world and everything was made through Him.

2nd. Babylon the Great is the religion (or organizations) of Christianity. There is a difference between those who are the Bride of Christ and those who claim to be the Church. The true Bride of Christ can be found in every church and in every denomination, but the actual organizations of these churches are full of sin and are outside of Christ.

Instead of relying on God’s provision to accomplish His will, we have taken away our need to rely on Him and have constructed our own temples that accomplish our own desires. We say we are serving God, yet it is only ourselves that profit from our own grand creations. How arrogant we must be to feel that since we have the Holy Spirit, we are somehow immune to His wrath if we continue in such selfishness and sin. In truth, many churches and denominations seek more after money and power than bond-service to the King.

3rd. The Abomination of Desolation spoken of in the scriptures has been fulfilled by the acceptance of the practicing homosexual pastor and voted upon by the assembly of the believers. Just as God’s presence left the temple after His own priests continued in sin (Malachi), the church has committed an even worse offence as they pushed aside the Spirit of Truth (dwelling within them) and have set up the abomination in the holy place (our hearts). Sadly, the same punishment is already being handed out as the Spirit of the Lord is becoming void in many of these churches and pastors. What we fail to realize is; these things have triggered the onset of the tribulation.

4th. Many of the religious denominations (and organizations) of Christianity will fall. God did not spare His temple or even His son because of the sins of His people. Why do we feel that the harlotry in our churches will be free from judgment and wrath? As the tribulation takes place and before the return of Christ, much of the organized church will fall as God brings judgement on it. While this is taking place, messengers (like me) will begin sharing the message to flee to the mountains to help those who truly have the faith in God to let go of religion and heritage before they are destroyed with it.

A time is coming where denominations will fall before our eyes and many whose identities are entwined with their denominational heritage will lose all faith and hope as they are unable to recognize that God has willed it to happen. I challenge you to re-read about the fall of Babylon and insert the man-made religions of Christianity into those scriptures. And you will mourn like I did as the harlot claims she will never be a widow, yet the bridegroom will never be found in her again.

Is this really too hard to believe? The gates of hell will not prevail against what? Our buildings? Our general assemblies? Our doctrines? I have been preaching about the fall of the church for almost ten years now. Last year, 1/3rd of the American church abruptly stopped total church attendance. In January of this month, we are beginning to see that conservative Christianity may be facing open persecution by a united media and liberal government. How many more people will leave the church this year? How many Christian organizations, churches, and denominations will be able to withstand the wave of attacks, propaganda and lawsuits that are coming? The Spirit of God does not want us to try and fight to save organized religion. He calls us back to Himself so He alone can once again be our refuge and provision.

5th. Jesus may be coming very soon. Out of all that Jesus has revealed to me through His living Word, this is the message that I feel most will not heed. Once again, there is so much theology wrapped around this, but I will share that at a different time. Know this; once we are in heaven, we will all figure out that our precise God had an obvious time and place picked out for Christ’s second coming. And that is why we are told that we will recognize the season. Of course, we will not know the day or the hour, but that does not mean that the Spirit of God is not sending out messengers to prepare for that season as it approaches.

Here is the most simplistic warning about the season of the Lord’s return. Maybe we measure time incorrectly. Theologically, what if time is centered on Christ? The creation story takes place over a week. This week of creation is the full timetable Jesus has given us in His plan of redemption. Many people in many ways have prophesied that to the Lord, a day is like a thousand years. The Gospel of Barnabas even prophesied that Jesus would not return until after 6,000 years had passed. In fact, that prophecy is one of the reasons the book was taken out of the official cannon (bible).

I tell you only what I feel has been revealed to me: just as the sun rises to mark the dawn of each new day, Christ has appeared at the beginning of most of those 7 days or thousand years. From the very first animal slaughtered to cover Adam and Eve, to the ark that saved the righteous; Jesus has been the very center of time. And each new day seems to center around the covenants of God as even the Davidic Covenant marks the beginning of the 4th day.

If we use this Christ-centered time table, Jesus death and resurrection took place around the 4,000th year after the Lord’s first covenant was given after the fall of Adam and Eve. And wouldn’t you know it that on the “day of man” (or the beginning of the 6th day), there was no Christ appearance or Covenant? And that makes sense as it is the number of incompleteness and sin. But do you know what happened during that time? The father of scholasticism was born. It was when men first began to reason and question the scriptures.

Therefore, if this simple timeline is correct, should we not be able to at least narrow down when the season of the Lord’s return will be? It should bring us great comfort that when the Lord comes, he will take the righteous into His rest for 1,000 years before he destroys the earth and remakes it. Did not God rest on the 7thday? Would it just make sense that Jesus is going to come back early on the 7th day so we can enjoy that sabbath rest in Him?

Why may the Lord be coming soon? Because if time is based on Christ, the end of the 6th day is extremely close. If we were just to use the crucifixion as a solid marker, 2,000 years after His death may only be around a decade away. Now I know that we can’t use that as an exact marker because the length of His days and His ways are marked with a certain amount of variance. Yet if this is the case, we really need to understand that Christ truly may come during our lifetime and especially during that of our children.

Look around us. What do we see? Sin has fully entered the established church. We worship God yet do not really believe in His power or provision. Can’t we all see what our churches are about to face in the coming years? What we know as church is going to drastically change on a global level. The real question is, are we going to be one of the many whose faith is lost as these things take place, or are we going to prepare our hearts for the coming spiritual famine and tribulation that will precede the second coming of our King? And if we are a pastors, how will we choose to prepare our flocks?

These are some of the major things I feel God has revealed to me in His living Word. I know that I am not perfect and maybe I am way off. I do not want our churches to fall. I would rather see a great revival sweep over our denominations as a Spirit of repentance pushes off God’s judgement and wrath. I have a deep compassion for those who seek Christ, and I want all my brothers and sisters who know Jesus to be saved. I write this today so that I can sleep in peace knowing that I have done, to the best of my ability, all I can to share what I feel the Lord has told me to say.

I don’t know what the future holds. The infection in my body may go away quickly and quietly, or I may soon face a long uphill struggle for survival. But I have done what I felt the Lord required of me. He has called me to be like the weeping prophet. The time for repentance has passed. The time to judge the Religion of Christianity is upon us.

Therefore, prepare for the great spiritual famine that lies ahead. And no matter what we see and hear as the Church begins to fall, let us hold tightly to the Word of God and to each other as we sanctify our hearts and wait for his return. As dusk approaches let us search our homes for oil to put into our lamps. Let us run out to meet Him in pure robes that have been washed in the cleansing mercy of God’s grace. The bridegroom is coming! The season of the Lord’s Return is at hand.