The Parable of the Man and his Banana

Lets say for a moment that a man really wanted to eat a banana with his lunch. Out of the cluster of bananas, he chose the one that was most appealing. At first, the banana was perfect. It had good color and a perfect texture, and it was the largest in the cluster by far. However, as he went to place the banana in a satchel, he accidently dropped it onto the ground and it split open on the dirty floor. He proclaimed, “It’s only a little dirt, I’ll be fine.”

Surprisingly, after he placed the banana in a satchel, he mistakenly threw a heavy book on top of it and slammed it down harshly onto his car seat as he left for work. Remembering the banana, he quickly checked on his snack to analyze the damage inflicted on it. He thought to himself, “The top half may be destroyed, but I can still enjoy the other half.” Sadly, this fruity episode made him late for work on this hot summers day.

Later on, the time came to eat his snack. However, as he reached into the satchel, he could not find the banana. Then he remembered that he had taken the banana out of the satchel after it got squashed and placed it on the dashboard in the car. Sharing his plight with a coworker, he was offered some fresh grapes to console him; however, he politely refused. As he slowly walked out to his car, his heart was saddened by how much his precious banana had changed over the past few hours.

In an attempt to feel better, he tried to reflect on how perfect the banana had been. In his mind he could see how brilliant the banana’s color was, and how it was the largest in the cluster. However, before he even opened the door, he could see a pasty juice running out from the bottom of his sunbaked banana. His once great banana had become dirty, bruised, broken, scorched, and liquefied. It looked nothing like the perfect specimen he had chosen that morning. Now sitting in the passenger seat, he stared down his messy prize and said to himself, “This is the snack that I chose, so it is the one I will eat. Bon Appétit!”