The Major Shift in the Church

We are about to see a major shift in the Church. A shift from entertainment driven large consumer-minded ministries to small independent intimate fellowships. When I started writing about the coming reform that God was calling me to help usher in, I had no idea that less then 3 months later, our large church buildings would be virtually empty.

Mourn for what is taking place, but rejoice in the much needed reform the Lord is bringing. Neodenominationalism is not a set of doctrines or a belief system. It is a way for independent pastors and groups of Christians to be empowered to start small local fellowships that are based on relationship rather than obligation.

How well will our larger denominations fair facing true persecution? I think we are seeing how these vast organizations are unable to stand against the pressures of the Government and public opinion. And that is why small independent churches are so needed.

As of this moment, Neodenominationalism is just a concept with only one pilot ministry in Bock, MN. With no membership, bylaws or board members, what could this vision accomplish without Christ? I pray that as more pastors and Christians begin to embrace the need to let go of the broken systems of their past, they will be used to once again fulfill the true mission of the Church: To make disciples, one intimate relationship at a time.