The Line: A Political Poem

Today I stand in a line, a line of red and blue. Many have traveled far to stand as we now do.

None to the left or to the right, just one in front of the other. No more black or white, for we no longer have need of color.

With doctors, teachers, and the homeless all together, we care not about the rain and inclement weather.

Muslim, Catholic and Protestant we stand, praying together as we walk hand in hand.

Standing in lines is what we have been accustomed to do, to get our clothing, our medicine and even our food.

But today’s line seems longer and a just bit different, and sadly, none of us desire to be in it.

We take off our shoes, and place our rings in a basket, there is no need for an urn or even a casket.

Those of us in line know how our story will cease; a few more minutes of agony followed by peace.

We let them destroy our culture, our history, and our way of life. Now without our liberties we stand in this line of strife?

Looking back years to the time we were free, we realize that our freedom was taken away in 2020.

Things could have been different if we put our disagreements aside, if we fought against intolerance, hate and swallowed our political pride.

Without unity, this future for America may come to pass; a poverty so fierce that it will overtake every station and class.

If we want to avoid this future there is one thing to remember. We could change it all by voting red in November.

So, why would any seasoned democrat ever contemplate voting red? In reality, none of us want our businesses, liberties and faith to end up dead.

For one year, we ask Democrats to join us in freedom’s retaking, as a unified people to give this socialist leadership a spanking.

The differences between Democrats and Republicans have always made our nation great. Therefore, let us stand together for one election to end this senseless violence and hate.

The time is approaching for us to stand in yet another line of note, I pray that we will use it to keep America free as we vote.