The Fork in the Road Approaches

Christianity is running into a fork in the road. As false teachings become mainline in thought, there is tremendous tension within organized religion. And with the melting pot of religious faiths, cultures, and pluralism, absolute Truth is getting much harder to identify. We all need to realize that a new religion is being birthed out of Christianity. We can call it New Age Charismatic Contemporary Church. It is all about the name of Jesus. It focuses on all the good worldly things we think about when we thing about God. Grace, Love, forgiveness, mercy, and peace. Oh, and don’t forget the Christian superpowers of apostle, prophet, healing, and tongues. Many celebrities and popular churches are feeding the growth of this new religion.

This new religion is the fastest growing movement in the world. It is like leaven working its way into every church, denomination, and Christian media. Much of the music we sing today is written to appease this new church so that it does not offend anyone. We have continually been taught to watch out for this great deception, yet now that it is here, we are like frogs in a pot, as the Church is being converted from within.

So why I am I against love, mercy, healing, and the prophetic? I tell you I am for all of those things and more. Deception is not the absence of Truth, it is the omission of Truth. The fact is, God is unchanging. His nature has been fully revealed to us in scripture. But here is the thing. If you are going to have a true relationship with God, you have to accept all of God’s nature. The good with the bad. For in reality, He is all Good, we just don’t really know what Good is. That means God must define what love looks like. If our view of love is void of wrath, it is not the love of Christ. If our freedom in Christ does not lead us to slavery to His will in our daily lives, it is not the freedom Christ provides.

I say all these things to give us pause and warning in our hearts. There are two revivals coming. One is happening now as we see this massive movement of the fun parts of Christianity exploding. Call it Jesus lite, call it sloppy agape, call it the wider way to Christ. It is here. It is influencing your faith right now today. It is even edified by the world, for it is the Jesus the world wants to accept. And the time is approaching where each of us will be forced to decide if we are going to follow the current of this New Age Christianity of love and grace or fight the tide of persecution that will face those who do not accept it. For those who stand with Christ will be called fundamentalist and judgmental. They will be given the title of Pharisee. They will be viewed as people who hate and cause division in the Church. The Christ in them will be called anti-Christ.

However, there is a second revival that is coming. It will be for those who mourn for what they see in the body of Christ. It will be for those who choose Christ over culture on matters of immorality and sin. It will be for those who put their hope in the living Word and allow Him to remain the ultimate authority in their lives. It will be for those who glorify God with humble obedience to His Word instead of finding ways to be glorified because of Christ.

The choice is coming and is at the door. Which version of Christianity will you claim? What songs will you choose to sing? What gospel will you accept?

May God give us all the grace to see Him in His fullness. Show me the love and the wrath. Show me the sonship through the slavery to Christ to which I am called. Fill me with the Spirit by removing the darkness in heart through surrender. Bring me joy in my suffering and hope in my mourning. Let my worship be through song and deed, and may my deeds reflect the Father’s holiness. And as we sing, let it bring glory to the Lord and not ourselves.

Do not be deceived. May the full gospel reveal the fullness of His holiness to all. And may He give us eyes to see and ears to hear the Truth. Christ is coming soon.