The Birth of Neodenominationalism

Neodenominationalism… Recently, I feel like God has given me the term I have been seeking for years to describe what He may be calling me to do in ministry. Therefore, please be gentle as I describe it in a rough draft form. The term is Neodenominationalism. Now since I have never created a new Word before, I will give God the credit if somehow it sticks. So what does it mean?

We are entering a great time of change in the Church. The Spirit of God is moving. I would like to say that wonderful things are ahead, but from the bottom of my heart I feel that we are so close to Christ’s return. If that truly is the case, we are going to experience increasing birth pains as we prepare for His coming. For if we are honest, Satan is beginning to hold the keys to many of our Church doors. It is more bearable for us to be quickly burned at the stake than to watch our friends and loved ones slowly reject Christ and His holiness. As Satan continues to grow in strength in our churches, the prophecy will one day ring true that the Abomination of Desolation is standing in the Holy place. So what is Spirit moving some of us to do?

For those who are bold enough to step out on faith, He is calling some of us to leave the confines of what is perishable and to help establish something that is more imperishable. Of course we will not perfectly accomplish this, but just as a caterpillar periodically sheds it’s skin many times before entering into the miracle that transforms it, so God is calling the Church to shed its dead skin once again so we can grow in our understanding of His love.

So what is Neodenominationalism? It is a new type of tool that will organize local assemblies of believers into likeminded fellowships without taking on the worldly aspects of infostructure and religion. It is where we gather together and seek Christ by holding to the only instruction manual that links us rather than teaching what an elected group of people decide by a majority vote. It is where we can agree to disagree on the grey areas of scripture that God never intended to share with us this side of heaven while still maintaining our unity in Christ. And it is where the accountability of our pastors is found in the fruit of their hearts and their humility to the relationships they hold to.

The concept would be that pastors would seek likeminded fellowship and accountability under a camp or common banner of faith. For instance, with my roots being in the holiness movement, I could stand with other pastors who have left the structure of the organized church to gather under the banner of holiness. Therefore, this would allow us to sharpen each other even though we may carry different convictions on non-essential areas of theology. The bonds of our fellowship would be wrought in relationship rather than obligation.

Wouldn’t it be amazing, if our denominations had the faith to branch out into arms of Neodenominationalism! One day the comforts of our churches may be stripped away. Why not do it on our own terms while we are guided by the Spirit of God? The Spirit is moving. Therefore, please pray for guidance as I join countless others in following the path God may be setting before us. Holiness unto the Lord…